Food in a Just Society


Foodin a Just Society

Healthyeating has been recommended by different researchers since it hasemerged that there are various diseases associated with the mannerthat people eat. Class and race have been deemed to play a part ininfluencing what individuals consume. This report will discuss whoeats what in America the influence of class level, education,geographical location, and income in eating and a food desert.

Accordingto Zukor (2010), although race and classes have contributed to aninfuriating pattern concerning how the Americans eat. There are otherfactors, such as the way of thinking, which influence what people inAmerica eat. Thus, it can be argued whatever a person eats in Americais as a result of the information that one possesses. As pointed outin the TED presentation by Oliver (2010), most individuals lack theright data concerning the food that they consume. Hence, consumptioncan be viewed as an aspect that is influenced by the choices thatpeople make.

Theability to eat well can be connected to the class level, education,geographical location, and income. Individuals in the lower class arenot in a position to make a lot of decisions on what to eat due totheir resources compared to those in the upper-class (European FoodInformation Council, 2016). Also, people who have high incomes havehigher education levels and are likely to live in sereneenvironments, which is not the case for a group that haslower-incomes and low education levels. Therefore, people who havehigh incomes and education are likely to make healthy decisionsconcerning what they would eat compared to individuals who areilliterate and having low-incomes. Furthermore, the geographicallocation may influence how well a person would eat since people inagricultural areas, where food is produced, may eat healthy foodssince they have access to them compared to those living in urbanareas.

Afood desert is a region that has reduced access to vast food outlets.A food desert can occur at any place. The reasons behind it may behaving a geographical area that has 1000-8000 people living more than10 miles from a large grocery store or supermarket. Also, it mayoccur because of people inhabiting an area that has a poverty rate of20% or above.

Inconclusion, it can be indicated that class, education, income levels,and geographical locations are critical in establishing whatAmericans eat. Therefore, whether a person will be involved in theconsumption of healthy foods or not, will be influenced by the abovefactors.


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