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Importance ofCustomer Satisfaction

In any profit gaining organization, consumers represent the mostimportant part of the business process for this reason, theirsatisfaction ought to be paramount for all the involved parties. Inthe healthcare industry, patients want to be assured that they willget well, and that they will experience the value on their money.Therefore, it follows that physicians ought to present the rightconditions that will assure the patients that they are in the righthands. Services such as diagnosis, treatment, and prescription ofmedicine ought to be conducted diligently as they represent the mainpurpose of a healthcare institution. However, doctors and nurses havean ethical responsibility to tell patients the truth about theirconditions in a manner that does not abuse their autonomy.

Elsewhere, doctors and nurses are forbidden from exploiting patientsin any manner since penalties for such conduct can be irreversible.Patients could be randomly asked questions about the service theyreceive from both doctors and nurses, and how they respond to theirconcerns. Apart from patients, their family members also deserve tobe treated with respect and any questions they ask about theirpatients ought to be answered truthfully.

Ultimately, consumers will determine the state of the hospital in themarket, and competitors will be sure to treat their customers in theright manner. In addition, they will determine the reimbursementsthat physicians receive from the hospital. Collectively, satisfactionof customers will improve the hospital from multiple fronts, topamong them, the financial status and the reputation that could earnthe institution more customers. Thus, doctors and nurses areobligated to observe these benefits for the hospital.