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On the scales of stress levels, I scored 19 it shows that my stresslevels are high for my age, gender, and marital status. Under theSusceptibility to Stress (SUS), I scored 26 points which indicatethat my sensitivity to stress is very low because it falls under theaverage rating of 32. The Response to Stress Scale, I scored 31points, showing that if or when exposed to a stressful situation, thechances of developing physical stress indicators such ascardiovascular, skin, respiratory, immunity, gastrointestinal,metabolic and, muscular symptoms are very small. And the danger ofdeveloping long-term physical health issues is very minimal.

Under type A and type B personalities, I scored -12 points. The scoreshows that I am a Moderate B personality individual. This means thatI adapt according to situations (Janjhua, 2012). At the scales ofCoping with Stress, I scored 1.38 under Avoidance. Illustrating thatI tend to cope with stress by mostly employing avoidance, followedclosely by Active-cognitive with a score of 1.27 and the least usedmethod is Active-behavioral having 0.85.

Under the internal health locus of control, I scored 31 pointsindicating that I feel I have a strong support that my personalhealth is determined by me. 24 points on “powerful others,”indicating that I also have a strong opinion that physicians controlmy health, and a 22 on the chance health locus of control, showingthat I am of the opinion that luck may affect one`s heath, but theprobability is very low. At the Locus of Control scales, I got a 57,showing that I possess a very high feel of internal locus control. Igot a 17 at the Life Orientation Test, showing that my optimism tothe future is low.

My stressors are injury and illness, conflict in relationships, moneyproblems, sleep issues and legal problems. I can counter thesestressors by, living a healthy life, exercising, eating right,following the law, and maintaining good relationships. Theself-reflection result is true to who I am.


Janjhua&nbspY. (2012). Behavior of Personality Type Toward Stressand Job Performance: A Study of Healthcare Professionals. Journalof Family Medicine and Primary Care, 1(2), 109-113.doi:10.4103/2249-4863.104969