Global Health



Globalhealth concerns have been in existence for an extended period. Theissues vary from one continent to another and are dependent on acountry’s health care system. In other words, the quality of careoffered influences how different issues are handled. Some of theglobal health concerns include maternal and child mortality as wellas access to quality care, especially for cancer patients.Nevertheless, infant mortality is a devastating ordeal, yet some ofthe causes of death can be prevented.

Accordingto the WHO’s statistics, roughly 5.9 million children under the ageof five died in 2015. Worryingly, most of these deaths werepreventable if simple and affordable interventions were applied. Thepredominant causes of death include pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria,birth asphyxia, and preterm birth difficulties. According to thefindings, close to 45 percent of the deaths resulted frommalnutrition. Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected region withtheir children 14 times more likely to die than the developedcountries [ CITATION WHO16 l 1033 ].

Infantmortality can be prevented or lessened through vaccinations. Somefamilies in Sub-Saharan Africa lack sufficient knowledge to care fortheir newborns. They are still embedded in traditional mechanisms ofcare that at times are very detrimental. The most appropriateintervention, in this case, is forceful vaccinations, particularlyagainst pneumonia. Free supply of mosquito nets to pregnant mothersis also necessary to minimize the effect of malaria.

Infantsshould be kept under the care of trained health providers.Respiratory infections are also preventable. Families should beeducated about the detrimental impacts of polluted air around theinfants. In general, the intervention technique will look to offeradequate lessons to the pregnant mothers about the vitality ofvaccinations. Child morality should be a global concern if the rightchannels are followed [ CITATION WHO16 l 1033 ].


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