Goal Statement




Working as a nurse has been one of my main professional goals inlife, which prompted me to join the nursing career. I have beenworking in Virginia Mason for the past five years, and this hasenabled me to fully comprehend the healthcare systems, especially, inthe emergency room. Working as a PCT in Virginia mason has been afulfilling experience that has improved my nursing career skills andextended the wide knowledge that I had. I would like to join theprogram as it would expose me to the practical aspects of nursingwhich is any nursing student’s dream. The technical nursing programwill help develop some of the crucial nursing skills that arenecessary in making me a successful nurse. I am also eager to applyknowledge and skills that I learned in nursing school to solvingpatient’s problems, making accurate diagnosis and evaluating someof the patient’s problems.

Joining thisnursing technical program will help me achieve some of my goals thatI hope to accomplish in the profession. One of these objectives is touse and further the knowledge and skills, acquired in nursing school,into practical situations. Being able to comprehend and solve some ofthe technical challenges involved in healthcare situations will alsohelp me become a competent nurse. Furthermore, I will interact withother professionals in the career who will help me establish myselfin the profession. My drive and passion for the nursing professionwill be a critical motivation that will assist in navigating throughthe technical program. The experience that I also have, coupled withmy excellent work ethic makes me one of the best candidates for theprogram.