God`s Covenant with his People

God`sCovenant with his People

God`sCovenant with His People

God`scovenant with his people refers to the relationship, in which hepromised to redeem humans if they acted right and followed his rules.According to (Nicholson,2013),the association between God and humankind is shown in the Biblethrough the imagery of the covenant in various books, notably Micahand Jeremiah. The versions of the agreement, found in the subsequentchapters of the holy book, are renewals as the first commitment thatwas established among the first humans. Since creation, God continuedrenewing his consent with humankind, especially, during the eras ofAbraham and Noah. Inthe book of Micah 6:1-8, the Bible talks about the human king end ofthe bargain, by stating that the people of Israel should remember thevarious scenarios in which the Lord saved them. The main point of thestatement is that people should strive to be righteous so that Godcan bless them as per the covenant. The book also argues that Godcannot be pleased by thousands of rams or ten thousand rivers ofolive oil. The only thing that pleases him is by people acting anddoing the right thing (Nicholson, 2013)Thecovenant is also mentioned in the book of Jeremiah 31:31-34 where Godstates that He will make a covenant with the house of Israel bymaking them his people and being their God. The Lord also states thathe will write his laws in their minds and hearts so that they cankeep them all their lives. Under the covenant, God says that he willforgive them of their sins and also forget that they ever wronged.Under the covenant, God will make himself known to man hence, therewill be no need of people moving from door to door spreading hisword.


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