Gun Control



Stick up your Hands for

As a result of increased incidences of mass shootings, suicides, andaccidental deaths in the United States, gun control has evolved intoone of the most important social, political and legal issues in thecountry. The society, lawmakers, and commentators are split on thematter (DeGrazia &amp Hunt, 2016). This paper argues that handgunshould be outlawed because they increase the accessibility of weaponsto criminals and innocent people are dying due to accidentalshootings.

Inadequate gun control laws increase the likelihood of criminalsaccessing handguns. Almost all guns used by gangs to commit violentcrimes enter the circulation legally. Some of them are seized duringburglary or car theft and sold in the illicit markets. Additionally,lack of proper background checks creates opportunities for criminalsto own guns (DeGrazia &amp Hunt, 2016).

Outlawing handguns will reduce the risks associated with them. Itwill eliminate incidences where civilians pull out their guns as thepolice pull out theirs, resulting in unnecessary exchanges. Also, ifthey are not locked up or inadequately secured in a holster, they canbe accessed by other people or children. This increases thelikelihood of others being hurt (DeGrazia &amp Hunt, 2016).

Some people have argued that they have the right to own handguns.Thus, gun control laws are contrary to the second amendment of the USConstitution. The clause is supported by some Supreme Court rulingwhich affirmed gun ownership as an unlimited human right. However,the weapons are meant to improve security, rather than undermine it(DeGrazia &amp Hunt, 2016).

In conclusion, there are two main reasons why handguns should beoutlawed in the United States. First, a large number of people aredying as a result of accidental shootings. Secondly, current lawsallow criminal to access handguns easily. Although ownership offirearms is considered to be a constitution right, there are reasonsto stick up our hands for gun controls.


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