Ultrasound is a technique that employs sound in the visualization ofthe internal structures and the tissues. The technique has previouslybeen used for diagnosis during the examination of a fetus atpregnancy. Ultrasound enables the visualization of structures withoutrisking exposure to ionizing radiation. The use of ultrasound hascontinued to grow in the recent years. Currently, Doppler ultrasoundis being employed in the visualization of blood flowing via thevessels used by the abdominal structures including kidneys, liver andthe superficial structures like the testicles.

AN ultrasound conducted for the thyroid reveals the image of thethyroid gland. The gland is located below Adam’s apple and has ashape resembling that of a butterfly. An ultrasound of the glandfacilitates the diagnosis of the presence of a lump that could be inthe thyroid or assessing its functionality. Further, the ultrasoundprocedures facilitate activities including needle biopsies inextracting sample cells for laboratory testing.

Further, an ultrasound of the prostate gland serves to identify andlocalize disease that could be in the organ alongside a physicalexamination. Notable conditions include infection of the prostate,enlargement or cancer. The prostate is located right in front of therectum. Ultrasound works through a mechanism that involves placing atransducer in a rectum enabling sound waves to travel a shortdistance.

Finally, an ultrasound conducted for the testicles serves to evaluatethe disorders associated with the organ. The technique can as well beemployed to assess whether or not the testicle has descended. Asuperficial assessment of the testicle can be able to detect lumps ortumors in the scrotum (Pastore et al., 2014). After the ultrasound,it is essential to conduct further analysis on the results derivedfrom the procedure.


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