Heroic Characteristics



Thecurrent heroes do not share characteristics with the ancient onesthis is because they lack some of the unique features that epicheroes had. Most of the heroes today seem to have achievements thatare within human capabilities. Seemingly, this could be linked to thefact that epic heroes are more about tales and myths that people maynot be quite sure whether they ever existed or not (Grethlein, 2010).The one significant element that is entirely lacking on currentheroes, yet was there among the epic ones, is the fact that they donot have any supernatural qualities neither do they seem to gaintheir power from beings that are not known. Similarly, there is ahuge difference in what motivated the classical and the currentheroes. Ancient warriors are known to be tough and selfish, whilemodern ones do good deeds for others and not for themselves.

However,all heroes whether the epic or those of today, share the onecharacteristic that is usually displayed by the outstanding nature oftheir actions. As such, these heroes will engage in activities thatwill excite a large number of individuals and as a result, they willquickly draw their attention. In my view, Lionel Messi, a Barcelonaclub football player, in Spain would be a hero (Grethlein, 2010). Theplayer faced a major childhood growth issue yet turned out to be oneof the best soccer players the world has ever seen. He also bearsunique traits centered on the kind of prowess that he frequentlyshows while in the field. One particular different statement betweenheroes of the past and the present is that while the ones ofantiquity were mostly involved in battles where people died, thecurrent stars are participating in figurative battles, such a facingcertain problems and overcoming them.


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