History Paper




Therehas been much change in the large U.S. urban areas since the turn ofthe century. Dating back to both 17thand 18thcentury, the states were mostly rural. Some of the census conductedduring these two centuries showed that large part of the populationin the United States lived in the countryside. Only five percent ofthe population lived in urban areas. New York, Philadelphia, andBoston were the only cities with high populations of approximately15,000 people. There are several inadequacies in today`s urbanconditions. These are issues of congestion, poor planning, and airpollution, shortage of water and garbage disposal. What needs to bedone is to implement the existing legislations. Additionally, thegovernment can ensure proper planning of the cities and adequatedistribution of national resources.

Rockefeller,Morgan, Carnegie et al., were all geniuses in their capacities. Theyhad the ability and the skills to revolutionize the industrial state.To some extent, they also applied cruel tactics. For instance, theydestroyed the small scale businesses. This is because they only wentfor the deals that benefited them even when they meant no good forthe US. They compromised the safety of the public (Morris et al.,2014). They developed their monopolies creating the upper class. Itis true they had genius minds but on the other hand, they had theirevil side as well. However, the United States would not have beenbetter without them since they significantly contributed to itseconomy.

TheUnited States should not have been involved in the Vietnam War sinceVietnam`s political battles, and internal conflicts did not affect orinfluence America. Nevertheless, the war could have been won sinceAmerica had all the equipment and skills, and it only had to cut offHo Chi Minh Trail from Laos (Gitlin,2010).

TheVietnam and Afghanistan wars are similar. Both wars have necessitatedthe US to create an army base to train the indigenous people (Gitlin,2010).It is also eminent in both wars that the United States ismisunderstood regarding what she is fighting. In both wars, the enemyappears to win the European power.

Althoughthe Hispanics were not considered blacks, they were treated as lesserwhites. The significant difference between the two groups is that theHispanics were not considered black, and therefore they could travelto the US which was not the same case for the blacks.

Thetruth of the matter is that the cold war was the only alternative.And this is since these two power blocks had entirely differentideologies. None of them could compromise.


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