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Ahome network is an online communication program that links all thelocal devices to each other and the web (Goth,2011).All the systems are connected to the hub or switch which enhancestheir communication such that a computer can access or send data tothe devices connected to the hub or switch. Through this system,movies stored in the computers can be played on the televisions, andthe web-enabled tools can access programs and services outside one’shome (Home,2013).I am entitled to design a home network that is suitable for fourindividuals with a budget of five thousand dollars.

Todevelop an efficient home network, it would require one to purchasethe relevant hardware that would ease the access of data fromdifferent devices and enhance a broadband connection (Rémy&amp Letamendia, 2011).A home network would improve time efficiency, increase one`s planningtechniques, open up many online and data sharing opportunities andreduce expenses such as those of hiring a network connection. A homenetwork allows an individual to utilize a single web connection thatserves all the local devices and at the same time allowing thedevices to communicate with each other (Rémy&amp Letamendia, 2011).Apart from computers, many other devices can utilize a home network.The process of creating a home network is not challenging as thenecessary components are readily available, and they arepocket-friendly.

Theessential elements of the home network include an internet modem(Home,2013).This device converts the raw signals from an internet provider intointernet data that is used in the local or home network. The modemconnects the home network to the entire web (Home,2013).An internet modem is acquired from a service provider whose coaxialconnection links to the modem. Another device to buy is the Ethernethub or switch. This device has numerous ports where the wiredcomponents can be connected and thus access the web connection fromthe hub.

AnEthernet switch is the heart of a network as all the wired devices inthe home network are connected to it (Rémy&amp Letamendia, 2011).I would acquire an unmanaged switch as the traditional hubs areobsolete, and have no significant difference in the cost. A switch ismuch efficient than a common hub as it filters the data availing itto the required devices. According to Goth(2011), aswitch is required because some devices can’t be able to connectwirelessly. Such devices include a desktop computer, printer etc.hence they require the traditional Ethernet connection to the switch.

Itis important to obtain a wireless router for a home network as itassists to extend wireless connections to the home network andconnect the devices without using cables (Home,2013).A wireless router may function as an Ethernet switch because some aredesigned with several Ethernet ports. After obtaining the router, itis necessary to configure it through one`s computer, give it a name,and enable password authentication. A problem may arise as thewireless signal may be weak in different sections of the home networkand some additional steps are required to secure the connection(Home,2013).

Itis important to acquire a Voice over IP Telephone (VoIP) Interface tomake communication more efficient within and outside the homenetwork. This device connects the home communication devices via thelocal network to the web. The advantage of this invention is that theservice providers transfer the calls through the web at lower prices(Rémy&amp Letamendia, 2011).One may also opt to purchase a media extender for their home networkthat would allow the content in the home network computers to bedisplayed on the television. Acquiring a security system for thenetwork is important (Home,2013).This system would allow one to assess and control the home networksecurity via the web or mobile devices. If one installs video camerasthey will transmit the images via a home network and display them onthe internet.



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Voice Over IP Telephone (VoIP) Interface


Media Extenders


Home Security Systems


Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Devices







Forbacking up data, it is important to acquire a storage device. Thenetwork-connected storage devices are standalone devices that containseveral internal hard drives (Home,2013).These hard drives are affordable, and they increase the devices’storage capacity. This device can store more data than a single harddisk. Other essential tools to acquire include the printers. Many newprinters are network-enabled and do not require a control computer towork.


Whenit comes to the issue of data protection, there are various optionsincluding backup and redundancy (Rémy&amp Letamendia, 2011).However, backup is necessary especially for home networks. Whenpresented with extra cash I would acquire some storage devices thathave multiple storage spaces, thus a bigger memory and enhancedredundancy option. Using these funds, I can purchase the moreefficient data storage devices such as the portable data storagedevices. I would also consider the options of acquiring onlinebackups. Backups are the last option of recovering valuable dataafter a catastrophic loss (Goth,2011).One may also improve their backup solutions by integrating redundancyinto their backup methods.


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