How College Education Prepares One to be a Productive Member of Society


HowCollege Education Prepares One to be a Productive Member of Society

Inthe olden days, college education was not given much attention. Infact, it was considered a thing for the high-net-worth families. Mostof the jobs did not require a college education high schooleducation was enough to supply the job market. However, in thetwentieth century, college education started gaining momentum. Mostof the routine jobs such as typing started being relegated tocomputers in the final third of the twentieth century jobs that donot require professional labor began to be shifted to the lessdeveloped and appreciation of college degrees set in. In the modernworld, high school education is as good as a birth certificate.Thousands of scholars, young and old, male and female, graduate fromcolleges around the world every other day. Even those in employmentare continually upgrading their academic qualifications. There is therealization that college education not only equips one with theskills to perform tasks in a particular field, but also modelsall-round citizens of the world.

Throughcollege education, one learns how to work in a team. Teamwork is oneof the primary pillars of societal development, hence acquiring suchqualities is integral towards becoming a productive member ofsociety. The society is an expansion of a team.

Collegeeducation enables one to learn how to solve problems. Innovation is asurvival skill and a driver of development in the modern society.Society is faced with numerous problems, which college educationoffers solutions to make the world a better place.

Emotionalintelligence is another skill that is imparted in learners atcollege. This helps mould our interactions and reactions in times ofcrises and aggression. Appropriate response and positive interactionscreate a conducive environment for all.

Theprimary goal of college education cannot be overlooked. It impartsthe skills required in the workplace. The technical know-how that wasinitially considered a preserve of top management staff is now anecessity for every employee. These are the skills that drive theglobal development agenda.

Itis quite clear that college education prepares productive members ofsociety. It imparts technical skills, models creativity and creates abroader understanding of the world. It sharpens the reasoning abilityof an individual.