How I Managed to Successfully Join the Basketball Team

HowI Managed to Successfully Join the Basketball Team

Basketballhas always been my passion. I enjoyed the sport, and I always foundtime to engage in it. While in high school, I used to play for theschool team. Once I joined college, my first agenda was to try andbecome a member of the squad. This paper will relieve the experiencethat I had during the entire process of enrolling to the team andeventually when I achieved in being a part of the team. I will alsodescribe the lessons that I learned and how those teachings helpedbuild my character. The relevance of the involvement is to show youguys what I had to accomplish to be one of the players and the amountof effort it took. The goal is to make the readers understand that ittakes dedication for one to be a fully-fledged member of a particulardiscourse community.

Fora person to be picked as a basketball player for the college team,they have to undergo a daunting tryout session. The process includedseveral vigorous exercises that are meant to discourage the rookiesthat may be weak or unfit to play for the team. The activitiesincluded intense cardiovascular exercises and ball work.Cardiovascular exercises comprised of sprints, push-ups, sit-ups andother procedures aimed at testing the physical strength and spirit ofthe potential recruit. The process is so complicated since I foundmyself pushed beyond the limit that my body could withstand. Itreached a point where I felt some numbness settle into me, and I wasable to get through the grueling task by ignoring the fatigue andpain signals from my brain. The ball works activity were focused onassessing the skills of the recruits. Aspects such as dribbling,passing, and scoring was keenly observed and tested repeatedly.Eventually, I and a few others recruit impressed the team enough tobe selected. The next step was the initiation. This stage wasparamount since it signifies one`s commitment to the entire team. Theinitiation process combined a series of humiliating and somewhatfunny challenges. All the things that were done were all in goodfaith and ensured the team gained a stronger bond. Once I had enduredeverything that was thrown at me, I was then allowed into the closecircle that was the college’s basketball team.

Fromthe moment I became part of the team, everything in my life wastransformed. My schedules became different, and I was alwaysstruggling to balance my classwork and training time. We had regulartraining on weekdays from five in the evening all the way to aroundeight o’clock. The reason why the basketball drills were done sooften was to ensure that every player was able to hone their skillsand to build a stronger team. The exercises were very draining andoften I found myself collapsing onto my bed after each session. Withtime, I was able to adapt to my busy timetable and always createdtime to finish up on my assignments and class-related projects. Mybody became stronger and agile, and soon, training was no longer anexhausting activity. My ball work skills were also improving rapidlyuntil I began to feel confident that I may soon become one of the keyplayers.

Istill recall the first match we had while being a part of the team.Basketball rules allow for each competing side to have a maximum oftwelve players. During a game, only five players from each team canbe allowed to the court. Our team had about twenty-five players andthe decision on who receives a chance to play in the upcoming gamewas very hard to make. As a rookie, it was tough for me to get suchan opportunity. I, therefore, had to show both the coach and myteammates that I deserved to be given a chance to show what I coulddo for the team. I increased my training time to gain an advantageover the other players. I also worked more on my physical fitness tobuild my endurance. The day before the big game, the coach held amatch that was aimed at selecting the twelve players that willrepresent the school. I played exceedingly well in that game, and Iwas not surprised that I became one of the twelve. I was promptlygiven my kit, and it was a very proud moment for me. On game day, Iwas very nervous. It was my first time to play such a high-profilematch while representing the institution. I kept wondering whether myeffort and skills will help the team win the game or whether I wasthe one that would cost the match. The game began, and I was one ofthe substitutes. Ten minutes into the match, the coach decided to tryme out and I replaced a player that was obviously worn out. Once Ientered the basketball court, all my fears washed away, and I becamecalm and collected. I played a relatively good game, and my team wonby a large margin. It was one of the best games that I have everplayed for any team. That night, the entire squad went out tocelebrate the victory. That became the moment when I felt I was partof the team.

Beingpart of the team was not a walk in the park. I had to show myteammates and the coach that I had the desirable characteristics thatare needed for a player to the primary team. The intense exercisestaught me to be tenacious and resilient. I learned that I shouldnever give up, however, tough the going. Since I endured everyactivity that was in the recruitment process, I had proven to myteammates that I had the right attributes. My performance during myfirst match was an act that finally sealed my position within theteam. From then on, everything I did and how I acted was somewhataffected by the team’s influence. I began applying the values thatI had to my other activities and they worked perfectly. I realizedthat being part of the basketball team had changed me to a betterperson.

Themembers of the team believed in unity. We used to do almosteverything in synchrony. We had our meals together, went to socialevents as a group, and even had special retreats aimed at teambonding. Every player treated one another as a family. We had to knoweverything about each other, and if any one of us had some problem,it was up to the entire squad to find a way of helping them out. Icame to enjoy the close association since I knew that I was neveralone, and there were people that were dependent on whenever I neededthem, or they needed me. My teammates had other values as well suchas having a strong will and an appreciation for hard work. The entireexperience that I had with the team members made me understood thatthose attributes do not come easy. One has to sweat for it. Becominga better person requires a strong resolve that should be unshakeablethrough every circumstance.