How stress affects human beings socially, emotionally and socially.


How stress affectshuman beings socially, emotionally and socially.

Physically, stress is one of the causes of cardiovascular conditionssuch as high blood pressure, stroke, and heart diseases. According tothe American Psychological Association (2016), short-term stresscauses the heart rate to increase as the heart experiences strongercontractions as a result of hormones such as cortisol, noradrenaline,and adrenaline. Additionally, stress causes the dilation of the heartand the blood vessels that control the flow of blood to the largemuscles. This reaction increases the amount of blood that flows tothe heart and large muscles resulting in elevated blood pressure. Other diseases caused by stress include eating disorders, obesity,menstrual problems, sexual dysfunctions, and skin and hairconditions, among others. Besides, when a person is stressed, musclestense up, and this may result in a migraine or a tension-typeheadache (The American Psychological Association, 2016).

Emotionally, stress causes mental problems such as personalitydisorders, depression, and anxiety. According to Mills, et al.,(2011), when the byproducts of stress hormones are produced in largequantities such as when one is going through a stressful situation,they trigger a sustained feel of low energy or depression. Some signsthat a person is suffering from anxiety include biting one’sfingernails, tapping the feet, and fidgeting, among others.Emotionally, stress may alter how a person`s cognitive processfunctions. For example, heightened levels of stress result are likelyto result in a decrease in the functioning of neurons, and this maycause a person to lose long-term memory (Mills, et al., 2011).

Socially, stress has a profound impact on one’s personality. Stressed individuals are characterized by irritability, anger,hostility, frustration, aggressiveness, and decreased interest inone’s appearance (Mills, et al., 2011). When one is exhibitingsuch character traits, he/she is unlikely to attract many people, andthis means that he/she will end up spending much time alone. Badtemperaments affect one’s relationship with others as one tends tooverreact to other people’s comments and actions.

In conclusion, stress is the cause of many physical, mental, andsocial problems. Cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety, andpoor personality traits are common in stressed persons.


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