How to Organize a Closet


Howto Organizea Closet


Howto Organizea Closet

Medicalpioneers and organizers believe that a cluttered home cause anaesthetic and health problems such as weight gain, depression,insomnia, and anxiety. Based on extensive research, a messy home is ahealth risk (Walsh 2004, p.26). Organizing your closet can help yousave money. The money can be used in other healthy activities and inwell-being rather than replacing things you already had. There isalso a close correlation between weight loss and organizationallevels. The people who are organized are physically fit and havebetter management skills (Leeds 2008, p.38).

Clutterin a closet can cause stress in the case where we don’t get what wewant and being in a hurry too. Stress is a risk to our health.Therefore, the most important thing one should do is to do anythingthat can reduce unnecessary stress including organizing our closet.An organized person has a greater sense of well-being, and it giveshim a peace of mind. An individual who hasa sense of well-being andcontentment live a healthier, happier life. An organized closet helpsan individual to breath properly without stress. It also helps inreducing the dust and allergens in the house, therefore, the freeflow of air (Eiseman 2006, p.34).

Youalso will have time to exercise since the best organizers are goodtime managers. One will have more free time to do other things thathelp in keeping fit. Better organization of closet and home gives andinspires a person to have more time to practice. In conclusion, goodcloset organizational techniques are good for your health and willnot only bring peace of mind but also to your body as well. Beingorganized is creating time for yourself and helps you to live a morebalanced life.


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