Human resource Abstract




Humanresource is a crucial department in any organization set up. It isvital for an organization to have strategic human resource planningfor it to operate profitably. The primary importance of strategichuman resource planning is that it ensures there is an appropriatelink between the strategy of the business and its operations. Thispaper will develop on this importance to present a discussion on whystrategic human resource planning is crucial for an organization.


Importanceof strategic human resource planning

Strategichuman resource planning is vital for an organization because itprovides a platform for linking the human resource management withthe strategies of the organization. One way in which the strategichuman resources is important is that it ensures the availability ofthe required staff for the smooth running of the operations of theorganization. In such a case, an organization can meet itsoperational and strategic goals.

Strategichuman resource planning is also crucial in the prediction of thecurrent and future needs of the human resource management (Williams,2002). The prediction is possible because, during the strategic humanresource planning, an organization can carry out an analysis of thecurrent status of the human resources in the organization as well asthe external labor force and the future environment in which theoperations of the organization will be run.

Strategichuman resource planning promotes utilization of human resources in anefficient manner. Through strategic planning, an organization canacquire and make use of the human resources effectively ensuring thatan organization can achieve its objectives. Besides, the strategicplanning is crucial in the assessment and recruitment of skilledmanpower (Williams, 2002).


Thesuccess of an organization partly lies in the implementation ofstrategic human resource planning. From the discussion above, it isevident that strategic human resource planning is important in anorganization because it offers a link between the strategy of thebusiness and its operations. The strategic planning ensures optimaloperations of the organization through determination of the directionfirm takes and the right human resources to steer the organization toachieve its goals.


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