Industrial engineering


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Thefamous industrial engineer of choice for this essay is Tim Cook. Heis the current CEO of Apple Inc. and also a board member. Beforebeing made CEO, he worked as the company’s Vice President. He waslater promoted to be the Executive Vice President before being madeApple’s Chief Operating Officer. During his previous time, he wasin charge of sales that included coordination and management of allApple chain stores (&quotApple Leadership&quot, 2016). He was thehead of the Macintosh division and was part of the development ofsupplier and reseller relationship that ensured flexibility in theever increasing demanding market.

Beforejoining Apple Inc., Cook was the Vice President at Compaq and was incharge of procurement and supervision of the company’s inventory.In terms of his contributions, he worked at Intelligent Electronicsas the Chief Operating Officer. He also has spent over 12 years withthe tech giant IBM where he led manufacturing and distribution. Hewas responsible for saving Apple from closure after its revenuedropped to 6 billion in 1998 and from 11 billion three years ago(&quotApple Leadership&quot, 2016). Tim Cook worked together withJobs and today Apple has over 100 billion in revenue. Cook earned hisBachelor of Science in industrial engineering from Auburn Universityand a master degree from the Duke University School of business.

Iwould like to explore production engineering. It involves managementof the manufacturing line in the industry. It also requires skills inengineering processes that are involved in a production like machineprocessing, tool design, material science, casting, machine designand other production processes. The aim of production engineering isto ensure cost effectiveness during manufacturing and maintainingquality.


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