Initial Post on Advanced Nursing Practice Role

InitialPost on Advanced Nursing Practice Role

Whatadvanced practice roles have you encountered?

Theadvanced practice roles of a nurse as AACN describes are thecertified registered nurse anesthetics, certified nurse midwives,nurse practitioners and clinical specialists (DeNisco &amp Ann,2016). I have worked as a nurse practitioner. In this role, I havebeen helping patients suffering from different illnesses. Somethingto admire the most about the nurse practitioners is that they are notlimited to what they are capable and willing to do. Interpretation ofdifferent assessments, diagnosis and delivering of care is some ofthe duties that a nurse practitioner performs. As a professional, anurse practitioner is expected to make ethical and most importantly,evidence-based decisions and interventions since complex situationssometimes arise (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2007).

Anotheradvanced practice role I have encountered is that of a clinicalspecialist. Specialization is what this role requires. Among the fourfunctions, clinical specialists perform a crucial role in the qualitynursing care delivery. Working as a clinical specialist needs someonewho is analytical the role is mainly based on evidence-based nursingand practice in a wide range of areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics,psychiatric, acute to critical care and oncology among many othersectors as outlined by the American Nurses Associations’publication (2004).

Dosome advanced practice roles more adequately fulfill the AACN, 2004definition of Advanced Practice Nursing?

Accordingto the AACN (2004), advanced practice nursing refers to any nursingintercession that has an impact on individual`s health care outcomes.It may have an influence on direct care of some patients as well asvarious institutions in the healthcare industry.

Fromthis definition, it clear that all the four roles are crucial. Allthe roles have a direct influence on the health care outcomes ofindividuals and populations. Certified nurse midwives, for instance,play a vital role in ensuring that babies are born safely, amongother management duties. All advance practice roles sufficientlysatisfy the AACN definition of advanced practice nursing.


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