Internet Use Policy

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Scope:Internal Use Only

Theselection of appropriate policies and procedures on Internet use canhelp a company realize its goals and objectives (Peltier1).It is for this reason that an appropriate policy is outlined in thisdocument.

Statementof Policy

Thepolicy outlines the rules governing the access to Internet throughthe network infrastructure of the company. The policy applies to allCompany’s personnel who are privileged to access the Internetthrough the WIFI of the enterprise. The services provided includeaccess to e-mail, general websites, and Gopher. All the users areexpected to read, understand and comply with the guidelines outlined.


Permissionto access the Internet is granted only for activities that arenecessary for the company`s operations. Users may also be allowed toaccess materials for the purpose of research and education forpersonal growth. Any issue concerning these guidelines will beaddressed to the Information Technology Services Manager forclarification.


Itis the role of the Information Services Manager to ensure that allsecurity threats are identified and addressed in due course. Usersare not allowed to share passwords or accounts for accountabilitypurposes in case of any issue that may arise from regarding a certainaccount.

Account’spassword will be changed on a monthly basis. To ensure that usersaccess acceptable materials from the internet, some websites will becensored.

Violationof Policy

Usersare expected to abide by the law regarding the use of Internet. Anyuser is likely to lose the network privileges when involved in suchactivities like sending threat messages, defrauding, pornographic orobscene materials. Other disciplinary actions as per the company’srules and regulations shall also be taken and this may includedismissal or a legal proceeding before the court of law.

PolicyReview and Modification

Thispolicy will be reviewed annually or anytime when deemed necessary.The modification or any change will be communicated to all users indue time.

Limitationand Liability

Thecompany will not be liable for any unauthorized activity by a userthat is the county’s legislation. The company will not provide anylegal protection to any violator of the law.


Peltier,T. R. (2016). InformationSecurity Policies, Procedures, and Standards: Guidelines foreffective information security management.CRC Press.