Interpersonal Relationships



Interpersonalrelations can be viewed as associations between two or moreindividuals these links may range from momentary to enduring(Smith, 2012).Such relations are usually premised on social commitments like love,inference, or solidarity. The characters in TheForbidden Kingdomdisplay interpersonal associations in a number of scenes.

TheInterpersonal Relationship between Hop and Tripitikas

Thefirst instance of interpersonal relationship in the film is the onebetween Hop and Jason Tripitikas. Tripitikas is a young teenager thatis obsessed by classic martial arts movies (YouTube, 2016). Hop, onthe other hand, sells these movies at a pawn shop. The two charactersare linked by their desire for ancient Chinese Kung Fu. On one hand,Jason enjoys watching martial arts movies, and, on the other, Hop hasan extensive collection of these movies and is interested in sellingthem. Tension sets in when Lupo and his gang attempt to rob Hop’sshop. At first, Hop assumes that Jason set up the robbery, but later,he realizes that Jason is also a victim. He hands the stuff to Jasonand requests him to return it to its rightful owner.

TheInterpersonal Relationship between Golden Sparrow, Lu Yan, andTripitikas

Thesecond scene depicting interpersonal relations involves threeparties: Golden Sparrow, Lu Yan, and Tripitikas. These individualsare brought together by the desire to travel to the Five ElementsMountain (YouTube, 2016). Tension sets in when Lu Yan decides to turnback after realizing that his wine is running low.


Thecharacters in TheForbidden Kingdomdisplay interpersonal associations in a number of scenes.Interpersonal connections can be viewed as links between two or morepersons, which may vary from momentary to enduring (Smith, 2012).Such relationships are usually based on social obligations like love,inference, or solidarity, as discussed above.


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