Interview Communication



EminemInterview with Jimmy Kimmel 2009

Thechoice for the specific interview is that it follows specificcommunication techniques. The interview presents interviewcommunication techniques imperative to make an interview a successprocess. More so, the interview exceeds the reasonable asking andanswering questions in back and forth manner, but it extends tointegrate the respective communication techniques to make it fun anduse it as a learning instrument.

Thetechnique in nonverbal communication fully exploited in thisinterview is the one regarding respect of the personal space. In theinterview, both parties follow the rule, and none leans in too muchto make it look awkward and uncomfortable for the other (&quotEminemInterview 2009 Relapse Jimmy Kimmel&quot).The communication language in the video is professional, keeping inmind that Eminem is a rapper who is bound to twist the meanings ofwords to deliver a point. More so, the both individuals possess andportray linguistic relevancy in such that the way each talk is easyto comprehend and understandable since we can all relate as to whyEminem has to use a precise choice of words, same as Jimmy. Eminem isa rapper hence, he maintains a particular linguistic relevancy aseven the listeners and the watchers expect him to display his rapperskills in such a setting.

Moreover,the voice characteristics in the interview reveal the type ofexpression in the person talking. Eminem uses calm voices, with aregular tone throughout the interview as he indulges with Jimmy.Jimmy, on the other hand, varies his tone, pitch, and even volumecontrol as he tries to establish certain expressions to deliver toEminem. The change of the voice characteristics by Jimmy indicatesthe interview technique that the interviewer is bold, thorough, andseeking answers that may be hidden deep inside Eminem.


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