Interview Summary and Synthesis

InterviewSummary and Synthesis


Ethicswithin the public sector describe the core values as well as actionsand consideration for decisions required in conducting daily tasksaimed at providing general services. These standards define theappropriate moral behavior that corresponds to the ideologies of aparticular society regardless of the differences in culture. Theyalso provide a level through which the public scrutinizes the workconducted by their public administrators based on accountability.Additionally, the decisions made by these staff should occur based onethical principles where the general public perceives to be correct.Nevertheless, the achievement of these elements requires a permanentreflection based on the decisions made as well as their impact basedon moral perspectives (Menzel, 345). In my community, these elementshave for many years failed to uphold the ethical perspective of thepublic administrators. For instance, the public officials employunethical principles in making decisions regarding allocation ofresources directed towards the development of the community. Besides,some staff members face allegations linking them to inappropriate useof public funds for their personal benefits. However, to understandthe depth of the matter, I conducted an interview with the areacommissioner to acquire some insight on the issues (Menzel, 345).

Mr.Charles Arlington has served in the public sector department for over16 years where some of his responsibilities include ensuringdevelopment within the community regarding economic, social andpolitical activities. Additionally, his years in service have seenhim participate in many developmental meetings where agendas are laidout, and funds set aside. During his working experience in thedepartment, Mr. Charles has acquired the necessary skills,participated in the implementation of various policies andcontributed towards making of essential decisions regarding thecommunity. These factors have largely contributed towards hispromotion throughout different levels in the public service sectorwhere he now serves as the commissioner. During the interview, Mr.Charles shared essential information that facilitated in the arrivalof my conclusion based on the problems facing our community.


Accordingto Mr. Charles, serving in the public sector requires a set of valuesnecessary for achieving success both at a personal level andorganizational level. Some of the values he highlighted includeaccountability wherein serving the people, and the officials managethe resources of the people in the community. Therefore, the publicexpects them to conduct their services diligently with equality andfairness. Besides, the officials should portray transparency in theiractivities in a way that ensures that they operate in agreement withthe perception of the public on the right thing. Most importantly,Mr. Charles elaborated on the allegations regarding themisappropriation of public funds through clarification on the desiredoutcome (Menzel, 351). For instance, he illustrated a case where theconstruction of a public dispensary drew mixed reactions from thepublic on the how the project was conducted. Some of the peopleindicated that the officials used the funds for their personalbenefits while others thought the project deserved more resources asopposed to the expectations of the public. However, he stated thatthe completion of such projects requires due diligence in acquiringthe resources which take time. While responding to my questions, Mr.Charles seemed calm and composed as he explained the facts regardingthe requirements of his job description. He also demonstrated vastknowledge in the public services activities since he has served inthe department for more than decade.


Thepublic sector requires a range of values that facilitate in makingdecisions, performing tasks and management of public resources. Theinterview with Mr. Charles brought out significant elements thatportray the importance of ethical issues in making decisions based onthe perception of the people on what seems right. Most importantly,the interview highlighted some essential values necessary for theachievement of the public sector objectives. Some of these valuesinclude transparency which serves the purpose of availing of therequired information to the public. Secondly, accountability ensuresthat government officials comply with the standards ofprofessionalism in their workplaces (Menzel, 363). These officialsshould also incorporate a code of ethics in the aim to functionefficiently. These should be coupled with professionalism ion makingconsiderations of the nature of the positions in publicadministration.


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