Introduction speech CDC Director Dr. Tom Freidan

Introductionspeech: CDC Director Dr. Tom Freidan

Accordingto the center for disease control and prevention (CDC), Obesity hasnow become a major health concern, and there is a need for effectivemeasures to manage the condition. Children and teenagers are the mostaffected with the conditions since they are easily swayed byattractive food advertisements. I believe that it is high time thathealth experts provide more information about childhood obesity. Thiscan help in turning back the tide and reversing the trajectories ofmillions of young lives towards good health and hope and away fromadverse impacts of the disease. Ladies and gentlemen, for thisoccasion, we are more than honored to have Dr. Tom Friedan in ourmidst. For those who do not know him, which I highly doubt, he is thedirector of the largest medical research organization in the world,CDC. Dr. Friedan will be giving us firsthand information about thechildhood obesity crisis in America and what everyone to be on thesafe side.

Ibelieve that we are lucky to have such a visitor. Dr. Tom Frieden hasvast knowledge and experience dealing withFfF infectious diseasessuch as Ebola and Zika virus. Additionally, he has supervised variousprograms and research which were investigating American eatingbehaviors and associated disorders. Frieden graduated from ColumbiaUniversity College of Physicians and later studied internal medicineat Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. He was then awarded afellowship in infectious diseases at the prestigious Yale School ofMedicine. In terms of academic qualifications, it is evident that wecould not have had the pleasure of being lectured by a better personthan Dr. Frieden.

Oneof Dr. Frieden’s strength that makes him stand out among his peersis his warm and accommodative heart. For those who have had thepleasure of interacting with him, am sure that you will agree with methat he is a very loving and jovial person who is open to criticismand divergent views. Dr. Frieded has been exceptional because evenwith all the success he still maintains his even when opposed bytheir juniors. Dr. Tom Frieden always encourages active listening andwelcome questions from his audience. I hope you will utilize thisopportunity and ensure that you ask him all the disturbing issuesthat have been troubling you about childhood obesity and associateddisorders. I believe Dr. Frieden is the best person to give us thistalk because of his expertise in the medical sector. As some of youmay be aware, some physicians often that we engage in physicalactivities such as walking and riding bicycles. Being at the head ofCDC, I believe that he will be listing other techniques that are evenmore effective and have been approved.

Apartfrom briefing us about obesity, I believe that if time allows, Dr.Frieden will also give us a short story about some of his experiencesat CDC and other institutions that he has managed. I believe thereare few if not all of us who have the same passion as Dr. Frieden andwould like to follow in his footstep and even make more impacts inthe country. Well, this is your time. Please feel free to interactwith our guest. Now, Ladies and gentlemen, let us warm our hands andwelcome our very own Dr. Tom Frieden. Thank you very much, and I hopeyou enjoy yourself. God bless you.