Is a leader Born or Made?

Isa leader Born or Made?

Leaderscan either be born or made. The best estimates from research showthat one-third of them are born while two-thirds are made (Riggio,2011). Currently, social groups and processes that hold leadersaccountable are very involving, and we do not expect a newborn tohave all the qualities that make him successful in his roles. To bepotent enough therefore, there is a need for education and training.

Accordingto Great Man and Trait theories, some leadership qualities and traitsare inherited. People come to this world with distinguished abilitiesand talents. Inborn characteristics predispose individuals to be andbecome efficient bosses in specified fields. There is a great historybehind each of them but natural and artificial ones are verydifferent from one another. This is the reason most people arestudying control or management to enable them to be in charge of thesocial groups and other institutions effectively.

Consequently,it is reasonable to argue that leaders are made and not born.According to Behavioral Theories, teaching, learning and observationare the primary methods through which people can have appropriateskills to head. Out of these processes, the skills and experiencewould be gained over time. Because the governance positions are verydynamic, interested individuals should try to find out thedevelopment opportunities to enable them to learn new skills. Throughlearning, the value of candor and trust could be preciselyappreciated as we seek to understand and be understood. People inthis category are in a better position to communicate and relate wellwith those they lead, aspects that will enable them to solve a crisisemerging within their capacity.

Bothsides have a role to play in shaping an individual to become aleader. The born perspective contributes to the foundation ofeffective leadership whereas the made one equips us with experiencesto repertoire leadership building and competencies.


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