Is Nursing a Mature Science

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As per the layman perception of nursing practice, there is a clearunderstanding that nursing practice is a procedure that focuses onadministering care services to the pertinent patients. Additional tothe caring aspect, nurses are required to make sure the teachingprocess in nursing training institutions concentrates on health andillness prevention strategies. Acting on this realization, it isirrefutable that nurses play sizeable roles in ensuring the promotionof health standards substantively. Essentially, the debate thatnursing is more of a theory practices receives sizeableconcentration. Such a sentiment is made on the grounds that themaintenance of a balanced concept between theory and practicerequires the prevailing nurses to receive an update that gives acomprehensive limelight of the practices in the field (Barker, 2009).

According to most nursing practitioners, theoretical foundations inthe field are null. Such an occurrence attributes to the fact thatthe number of nurses with fresh memories of nursing theories isinfinitesimal compared to those who do not have memories of thetaught theories. More so, a revelation of most nurses’ perceptionabout the entire function shows that theoretical knowledge istypically delusional since the applicable knowledge depends onorganizational skills and physical energy (Barker, 2009). Anassessment among most nurses depicts that nursing practices amongmost of them can be broken down into succinct categories based on thetype of skills employed in each. For instance, according to one ofthe interviewed nurses, the bulk of the knowledge that is used in thefield has been generated by experience. Therefore, an overall view ofnursing practices shows that the nursing theories and teaching aresomehow dogmatic, and there is the need to make the learning processsizably relevant to practical situations. Acting on this realization,it is unmistakably clear that nursing is a theoretical field, andacademics should focus on enriching individuals withinter-professional theories that apply to real world applications(Barker, 2009).


Barker,A. M. (2009). Advanced practice nursing: Essential knowledge forthe profession. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Is nursing a mature science?

Isnursing a mature science?

Isnursing a mature science?

Allnurses are theorists this is because many of them carry out theirduties based on the existing theories that are relevant to the fieldof nursing, thus being scientists (Alligood,2014).Essentially, this helps to ensure that they deliver high-qualityservices to people who form part of their patient base. Also, theymake certain to stick towards the rule of ethics as far as thedelivery of their duties is concerned. Most of them also assist inadvancing the ideas that are brought about in the theories.Additionally, scientist findings help out to make sure that nursesprogress their skills to make their performance much better.

Oneof the theories that nurses subscribe to includes the “Need Theory”that was developed by Virginia Henderson (Alligood,2014).Notably, this hypothesis touches on the aspect that nurses need toensure that they promote an element of independence among thepatients to enhance the healing process. She argued out that the morethe patients were unaided, the further they would be work hard toretain their earlier health status.

Thenext theory is that of&nbspUnitaryHuman Being that was developed by Martha Rogers. This theory aversthat nurses need to promote a better interaction between anindividual and the environment (Alligood, 2014). Besides, thisstrategy also helps to ensure people develop more personal dignity,which will go a long way in influencing the health of individuals.Likewise, it is as well nearly similar to that of Dorothea Orem knownas the Self-Care Theory, which calls for nurses to encourage peopleto have the need to take good care of their health. All thesehypothesise are in line with showing that all nurses are theorists.


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