Jade Hospital IT Strategic Plan

JadeHospital IT Strategic Plan

Thispaper presents the information technology strategic plan for JadeHospital, a hypothetical company I have fashioned for the successfulcompletion of this assignment. The resolution of this plan is todeliver a “roadmap” for the hospital’s IT department toimplement and deliver services that support the premeditated goalsand missions established by the hospital’s management.Strategically positioned, Jade hospital is along 5thAvenue Upper Hill road. The establishment has been activelycompeting in the industry of health care services for more thanthirty years. The vision of Jade hospital is to be the preeminenthealth care provider in Misty County. The hospital’s mission is toprovide value-added health care services to the residents of MistyCounty in support of the overall well-being of the community.

Hospital’sCurrent Situation

Overthe past fifteen years, Jade hospital’s IT team has been dependingon strategic procedures to progress and meet the challenges ofsupporting the hospital’s mission and vision. According to thecompany’s financial controller, the IT department used to deliverbusiness value until recently when the number of clienteles dippeddrastically. The reduction in the number of customers is attributedto their grand dissatisfaction inducing disloyalty. Thisunanticipated mass exodus of customers is credited to the company’soutdated IT protocols that have been hacked into more than eighttimes. Sensitive patient information has been stolen from thecompany’s cloud storage, presenting security issues that havecoerced the firm into re-considering its IT team’s strategicprocedures.

Toresuscitate its commercial activities, the company is seeking to gainbetter traction with regard to customer satisfaction and loyalty.Jade hospital has hired me to inculcate present-day technology intoits IT department. I am appointed as a senior business consultantbecause of my expertise with social media, mobile apps, and cloudtechnology. The hospital’s management feels that yearly revenuescould top twenty million dollars annually with the infusion ofmodern-day technology. Presently, the hospital has revenue of fivemillion dollars per year. To restore the hospital to its initialglory, I have come up with this elaborate strategic plan that willenable us recapture the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients thathave decamped to other service providers. The next section of thispaper is a SWOT analysis for the business venture of gaining bettertraction of customer loyalty and satisfaction.



Despitethe fact that Jade hospital has not been making adequate amounts inrevenue, it has the financial capacity to revamp its IT systems. Ithas sufficient resources to swap the outdated IT infrastructure witha present-day system. Moreover, the company has enough in finances tocover the costs of customer acquisition. After all, the company’smain business venture is to gain better traction of customersatisfaction and loyalty which has a financial implication.


Jadehospital has an intricate organizational structure. Bearing in mindthat the process of customer acquisition will entail theimplementation of a new IT framework that will cut across all thedepartments of the hospital, normal business processes will beinterrupted. This is because activities will temporarily halt to paveway for an entire overhaul of the IT infrastructure. This may reflectas a periodic decrease in revenue until the new IT framework iscompletely indoctrinated.


Justlike any other industry, there is a significant portion of thepopulation of Misty County that is not loyal to any specific healthcare service provider. From this point of perspective, this“unconvinced” segment of the residents of Misty County is anopening for the company to capture and gain traction with in regardto customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Jadehospital’s acquisition of customers has only one threat. There arefour other similar institutions that have significant online presenceamong the residents of Misty County. Battling our rivals for afraction of their clients is daunting and therefore, a threat. It isa catch-22 situation for the company because it will take so much topersuade the loyal customers of its competitors to consider using itshealth care services.

Goalsfor Strategic IT Plan

Goal1: Improve security

Thisstrategic IT plan will serve to guarantee the confidentiality,reliability, integrity, and appropriate use of information that canbe assessed or shared online (Penrod &amp Harbor, 2013). Since thehospital has a history of security breaches, this new strategic planis envisioned to solve this challenge. With security issues ironedout, customers will be more contented and therefore, will becomeloyal to the company.

Goal2: Improve on business processes

Thisstrategic plan will leverage on present, developing, and inventivetechnologies to boost, progress, and make more efficient, businessprocesses within Jade hospital (Gottschalk, 2014). An improvement onoperational efficiencies will absolutely improve customersatisfaction subsequently increasing customer loyalty.

Goal3: Improve of integration and access

Thisstrategic plan will design, integrate, and avail an assimilatedsystem of medical services that will enable the company’s customersto access the information they need, where and when they need it(Penrod &amp Harbor, 2013). With the inclusion of social media andmobile apps, customers will be able to reach the company’s medicalstaff whenever they need help. This will assist to improve customersatisfaction, and consequently, loyalty.

Goal4: Improve communication with the wider community

Thisstrategic plan will leverage on social media, cloud computing, andmobile technology to provide a platform through which communicationbetween the company and the community (clients) can be made moreconsistent and effective. Once this is achieved, customers will feelcontended with the services of the company eventually buildingloyalty.

Goal5: Maximize staff potential and foster excellence

Thisstrategic plan will mastermind the formulation of a strong IT teamthat will be capable of meeting the demands of the business ventureof the company. With the maximization of my staff’s potential, thevision and mission of the company will be more attainable implyingan improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty. The IT workforcewill also support the business’ operations by constantly innovatingmobile apps that will guarantee perpetual customer gratification. Thenext section of this plan will discuss the IT personnel that willhave to be in place to successfully start Jade hospital’s businessventure of gaining better traction of customer loyalty andsatisfaction.

ITPersonnel and their Roles

ITsecurity analyst

Itwill be the responsibility of the IT security specialist to improveon the level of security of the company’s cloud storage. His/herroles will include:

  1. Evaluating the company’s cloud security tools and formulating new ones as a form of supplementary security.

  2. Implementing an encryption strategy that will guarantee the secure storage and transfer of information.

  3. Implementing an automated system of cloud risk management with regard to hackers.

  4. Engaging external agencies in conducting periodical vulnerability tests to evaluate the depth and degree of cloud security. If any improvements are required, the security specialist will be expected to formulate upgraded approaches to cloud data protection (Profita, 2016).


Inthe middle of Jade’s business venture, lies the quality of servicedelivery. If the quality of in-house service improves, so willcustomer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, there will be asoftware developer in my team to constantly innovate software thatsupports the company’s mission and vision. The roles of a softwaredeveloper will include

  1. Developing an extensive plan for the implementation of new software across the entire hospital.

  2. Developing computer languages to be used to write codes for the company’s programs (Profita, 2016).


Itwill be the responsibility of a web developer to increase the onlinepresence of the company in a fashion that it will reach out andappeal to more potential clients on social media. The roles of a webdeveloper will include

  1. Enhancing methods for online communication between the hospital’s staff and clients through social media and mobile apps.

  2. Implementing a structure for websites and ensure that pages are accessible.

  3. Implementing solutions for online communications on social media and mobile apps.

  4. Developing a comprehensive plan to improve on customer support proficiency through online tools on social media and mobile apps.

  5. Identifying tools and methods that will enhance the process of solving customer difficulties quickly on social media (Profita, 2016).

Computerand information systems managers

Itwill be wise to have a computer engineer on board to oversee themaintenance of the company’s entire hardware, software, and networkinfrastructure. The roles of a computer engineer will include

  1. Securing funding to ensure the successful implementation of technological rejuvenating plans on every occasion it is deemed necessary by the company’s administration.

  2. Providing solutions to any technological inefficiency that may occur on social media or the company’s cloud storage.

  3. Identifying key unexploited business practices that might require technology to get the most out of in terms of production.

  4. Leveraging on new and emerging online technologies to streamline business processes (Profita, 2016).


The main function of this strategic plan is to seek better tractionwith regard to customer gratification and loyalty. Therefore, it willbe essential to have a feedback analyst that can obtain feedback onthe levels of satisfaction from customers and accordingly notify theIT team on alterations that need to be executed. The roles of afeedback analyst will include

  1. Providing frameworks that can allow the collection of feedback from customers.

  2. Conducting periodical surveys of feedback.

  3. Developing and advancing performance indicators for service delivery across social media platforms and mobile apps (Gottschalk, 2014).

SpeculativeImpacts of Plan Implementation

Followingthe establishment of this strategic IT plan, there definitely will bepositive organizational benefits. I speculate that there will be thefollowing advantageous impressions

  1. This strategic plan will provide clear directions for the company, since all of its tenets are consistent with the organization’s vision and mission.

  2. This plan will increase profitability and market share because it uncovers market segments, market conditions, and service offerings that are the best for the firm.

  3. This strategic plan will create a sense of job satisfaction in the IT team after their efforts turn the present conditions of Jade hospital around.

  4. This plan will create longevity of the company because after its implementation, revenues will significantly increase which implies that the company’s financial life will be renewed. As a result, the company will be in existence for longer.


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