Jamie Oliver`s TED Award Speech


JamieOliver`s TED Award Speech

Thechildren that Jamie Oliver talks about in the video are the schoolingkids. He indicates that they are exposed to dangers of obesity fromhome, main streets, and school (Oliver, 2010). When Jamie shows themfood, the kids are confused since they are not in a position to namethe foods. Parents feel sad and depressed at the sight of the foodand the discovery that they are killing their kids. Oliver calls forthe creation of a strong, sustainable group that would help toeducate kids about food, motivate families to cook again, as well asempower individuals everywhere to fight obesity (Oliver, 2010). Ithink his changes would work since most people suffer from fooddiseases due to lack of information. I agree with his suggestions,and I focus on doing it since I have never done it.

Theschool environment contributes significantly to the foods thatchildren are likely to consume. The change of vending machines byBaltimore city schools would be successful since they would ensurethat the kids obtain only healthy foods while at school. I do notthink students will leave school to find snacks that they desirebecause the school laws would not allow (Yates, 2013). Furthermore, Ihave the opinion that the learners would adjust to the contents ofthe new machines once they discover the importance of consuminghealthy foods.

Ithink there is a relationship between what people consume and howthey think because, in most cases, what individuals perceive about aparticular food determines their consumption decision. For example,if a person believes that good food is likely to cost him more, thenhe is likely to go for expensive foods even if they are not healthy(Zukor, 2010).

Raceand class have an influence on the eating habits that people adoptsince different ethnic groups and classes tend to think differentlyabout foods (Zukor, 2010). Lower class people may eat cheaper fastfood more frequently compared to the middle to upper-classindividuals because that is what they can afford.


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