Jeffersonian Era




Conflictand partisan passion were the major elements of the Jeffersonian era.An election in the year 1800 saw the transfer of power from a federalregime to a republican government headed by President ThomasJefferson. Earlier, when Britain had invaded the United States,Jefferson fought back and won full independence from it. However, theelection did spark a lot of controversy within the nation due to anew breed of rulers (Krason, 2012). Many people termed the electionas a revolution because it was very peaceful in nature. Rarely wasthere a replacement without bloodshed caused by wars in the quest ofmaintaining power. Democracy began to gain ground in the society asJefferson stressed that the values of the Republicans also borrowedfrom those of the Federalists to build a better America. Krasondemonstrated that under Jefferson’s watch, a new system of judicialreview came into place, hence ensuring that justice is equal for all(2012). In fact, a former vice president faced charges for treasonand got a conviction for it. The justice system was a clearindication that America had woken up to a new dawn.

Anotheraspect of democracy under the new regime came about after Jeffersonimplemented a law prohibiting the importation of slaves into America.According to Krason (2012), the law embraced humanity by assisting inthe protecting of rights and freedoms of slaves. In 1802, Jeffersonabolished some internal taxes, which reduced expenditure as well asthe national debt. The view that high military expenses would provokehostilities made Jefferson scale down on the armed forces. Before1815, Jefferson won the war against Indian confederations in both theNorth West and South regions, hence facilitating the settlement ofwhites in such areas (Krason, 2012). He went on to purchase theLouisiana territory from the French government. Jefferson made waragainst Barbary pirates operating in North Africa, who not onlyharassed American sailors but also enslaved them and demanded a heavyransom.


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