Job handout


  1. Part One : Summary personal information

Name : Yanqi Zhao

Companyname: Hema Industry Limited Company.

Industry : Banking Industry

Location : Ohio

Job : Marketing Manager Assistant

Department : Marketing

  1. Part Two : The job including training and skills

  1. Specific Roles and Responsibilities

  • I was in-charge of distributing and compiling financial information for instance the budget spreadsheets.

  • I analyzed questionnaires from market research.

  • I visited external agencies or customers

  • I assisted in market research projects

  • I prepared brochures and reports.

Beinga marketing assistant, I assisted the marketing manager and top levelmanagement in activities aimed at maximizing Hema Industries’profits at the same time, I supported marketing campaigns anddeveloping new sales strategies.

  1. Training received

Trainingis usually achieved by exposing one to all commercial areas thatrequire an interaction with the customers.

  1. Company culture

Thecompany encourages and supports team work by introducing regulartraining programs aimed at improving inter-personal relationshipsbetween employees.

  1. Skills needed to be a marketing assistant

  • Confidence

  • Adaptability

  • Creative

  • Numerical skills

  • Commercial knowledge

  1. Skills developed after the co-op experience

  • Organizational skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Information technology skills

  • Teamwork skills

  1. Part Three : Role of innovation

Duringmy working experience, I discovered the importance of innovationparticularly where I was required to participate in development ofmarket research. Today through market research, the strategiesadopted and used in the past are more likely not be applicable in thefollowing years. It is for this reason that I was forced to createnew ideas and strategies that could prove valuable to the company.

Inaddition the company has created strong interpersonal relationshipsbetween employees and also the top level management. This has beenachieved through strong teamwork relationships that integrate theiractivities towards achieving the set goals and objectives and tomaximize company’s profits. Any individual is freely allowed toshare his own ideas and innovations towards improving the company’sperformance in regular basis. Innovation and its importance to thecompany is critical as it a process of adding value to the existingproduct and services or developing strategies of satisfying unmetneeds in the market.

Partfour: Personal development

Thereis increased accuracy during the planning process on my future careergoals and objectives after undergoing the co-op experience. Thismeans that I have come to understand the organization including therequired skills and knowledge. In addition, the experience hasdeveloped my interpersonal relationship skills. This is an importantskill that develops the spirit of teamwork in any organization. Whenemployees work together as a team in any organization, there isincreased likelihood of achieving company goals. This essentiallymeans that top level managers are supposed to collaborate closelywith other employees.

Theseare important skills that I will need to sharpen for my next careergoal of become an effective leader in a reputable company. I hope toexplore the possibilities of innovations and creativity towards theprocess of entrepreneurship. This is because I hope to create anddesign new products or services that meet unsatisfied needs in themarket. Such a creation will be my own original business idea thatwill create job employment and towards the general contribution tothe economy.