Journal Entries



Threereadings are used in the journal entries. These readings are SoniaSanchez, Native American Trickster Tales, and Zimbardo. The readingsprovide useful information for class discussions.


Ihave read the article about Sonia Sanchez in preparation for the nextclass. Sanchez was among the notable poets who led the Black ArtsMovement during the sixties. The movement aimed at encouragingmembers of the African American community to learn and adopt variousart forms. Art is effective in expressing positive ideas in thesociety for example, good race relations. She published WeBe Word Sorcerersin 1973 (Raquel, 2014). The short stories collection explained thegradual and sometimes painful transformation of the African Americansfrom negroness to the present blackness. The transformation is notcomplete because there are cases of race intolerance in the currentAmerican society.

NativeAmerican Trickster Tales

Iread the article to get sufficient information for the next classdiscussion. Daniel Brinton used to term trickster to explain themythic character who is present in most Native American oralnarratives. The trickster is portrayed as a character, who engages ininappropriate conduct for example, greed, theft, and abuse. He isusually portrayed as a selfish, manipulative, and dishonest characterthat causes harm to other members of the society. There are somepeople in the society who behave like the trickster character. Theyharm other members of the society by abusing, threatening, orstealing their properties.


Zimbardoexplains that individuals have the ability to engage in exceptionallygood or extremely evil behavior. Classmates will participate activelyin the discussion because it analyzes human behavior. Human theoryrequires people to engage in good or ethical conduct at all times.Zimbardo discusses that a hero is a person who values good behavior,despite strong opposition or ridicule. Students should strive to dogood for example, assist parents at home, participate actively inschool, and avoid drugs and alcohol.


Rodriguez,Raquel. (2014). Sanchez,Sonia (1934–).Connecticut: Greenwoodcacca Press.