Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Response

Knowledge,Skills, and Abilities Response

Knowledge,Skills, and Abilities Response

Attaininga degree in Medical Billing and Coding strategically placed me forthe position of Medical Billing Specialist at Fayetteville Pain andSpine Clinic. My abilities to communicate, collaborate, setpriorities, and organize tasks were essential in handling all thestages of the Medical Affirmative Claims billing program (U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs Career Development Program, 2016). Mycommunication and coordination skills were near perfection and I wasable to receive and direct clients’ calls and referred them to thesupervisor for further assistance. In addition, while working as aMedical Billing Specialist at Fayetteville Pain and Spine Clinic, Iassessed all the requests obtained from diverse sources to ascertainthe essence of every inquiry. Through an advanced knowledge ofmanaging a clinic, it was easier for me to determine the type ofmedical information required, as well as access others fromInpatient, Outpatient, Ambulatory Procedure Visit, and observationrecords. Furthermore, advanced knowledge of medical terminology wasrelevant in comprehending the various diagnosis and medical claimsthat clients placed.

Myorganizational and managerial skills were exquisite. As a MedicalBilling Specialist at Fayetteville Pain and Spine Clinic, I managedto flag inpatient records for quick processing in case a patient wasrecently discharged. Moreover, I was skilled at extracting data frominpatient and outpatient records, Emergency Room sheet, as well asother clinic files. Additionally, I coordinated with the InpatientRecords Staff to make sure that they were approved on time, as wellas to obtain outpatient visit codes to allow for effective and fastbilling. My comprehensive knowledge of operating basic computerapplications, software application including medical billing programswas quite helpful. In this case, I was capable of using the HealthCare system and Computer Information System utilized at FayettevillePain and Spine Clinic to access particular medical data and ThirdParty Outpatient Collection to redeem and authenticate administrativeinformation and obtain relevant administrative information (U.S.Department of Veterans Affairs Career Development Program, 2016). Mycomputer skills assisted in the provision of different clerical andoffice automation aid to the Hospital Section. It was furtherresourceful in operating electronic typewriters and drafting reports,statistical charts, and tables.

Possessingadvanced knowledge of policies and procedures such as HIPPA linkedwith operational activities affecting flow of patients, care, andrevenue procedure proved critical to the organization (Gibson, Shah &ampUmberger, 2014). Besides, I performed a review of medical records toguarantee the data collected and transferred to requestors was incompliance with procedural and regulatory standards. In other words,it involved application of distinct rules, regulations, andprocedures to carry out a whole lot of billing activities addressedby program regulations. Also, it was important that tasks were doneskillfully and precisely to ensure that the program achieved optimalcompensation. The work entailed executing specialized medical recordjobs, and was directly dependent on my capability to process medicalrecords that mostly contained discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Myresearch and statistical skills were relevant at Fayetteville Painand Spine Clinic, especially when I worked in the Medical Billing andCoding Section. I conducted statistical coding clerical tasks neededto solve different issues such as some missing information. Whilecoding, I not only utilized my broad knowledge of ICD-9 and CPT-10but also that of policies and procedures related to coding martial(U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Career Development Program,2016). As a result, I was in a position to generate an error-freerecord of the particular steps and measures to be taken. Furthermore,coding ultimately made it simpler and less confusing to manage theorganization’s database.


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