Leading Teams through Changes

LeadingTeams through Changes

The&quotnurse practice act&quot is a set of minimum guidelines thatevery nurse ought to follow in Florida State for them to offer safepractice. Failure to meet these guidelines implies the prohibition ofthe nurse from practicing in Florida State.

Nurseshave a critical function to play in delegating care to unlicensedassistive personnel (UAP). For instance, nurses supervise the UAPsand guide them by offering periodic inspection. In some cases, thenurses might give direct examination by being on the premises (Rose,et al. 2015).Also, the nurses help the UAPs in making the nursing judgments, whichis an intellectual process where nurses get an opinion, or theyarrive at a conclusion. Lastly, nurses help in the training of theUAPs through the learning process so that they can perform thedelegated activities excellently (Rose,et al. 2015).Typically, the delegation language implies that despite the fact thatthe unlicensed assistive personnel has knowledge from the learninginstitutions, there is a need for supervision to ensure that they canbe able to deliver the theory they have to a practical setting.

Oneof the changes that recently occurred in my workplace is thesub-division of the existing departments. This resulted in theformation of various divisions such as reception, eye clinic, eardiagnostics and pharmacy among others. One of the major resourcesthat were used to implement this change was the computer programs andthe internet. These were crucial since they helped to reunite all thedepartments despite the fact that they were now in different physicallocations. The staff did not like the change because of the teamrelationship that they had built. As a result, they believed theycouldn’t give quality services until they get used to the newsystem. In my perspective, it would have been better in the casewhere splitting would be done from one department to the otherinstead of doing it all at one time. This would help the hospital tomaintain the quality of services that they offer.

Responsesto the other student

Frommy classmate’s posting, I learned that the nurse practice act playsa crucial role in ensuring that all nurses are capable of offeringquality services to the citizens of the country.

Theother question I would ask would be:

Whatwas the impact of the change in the quality of services of the firm?

Lastly,I would need clarification regarding the ethical issues associatedwith the change that occurred at the workplace. This is crucial toprotect both the rights of the employer and the employee. In bothpostings, it is evident that the quality of services delivered to thecitizen is given top priority.


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