Learning of Behavioral Nutrition

Learningof Behavioral Nutrition

Responseto Question 1 Assignment #1

The study of this particular course enables learners to have acomprehensive knowledge and skills of the scientific concept andprinciples of body nutrition. Besides, the topic helps students toacknowledge the importance of maintaining well healthy by taking aproper diet. Similarly, the course explains the psychologicalprocedures of body developments about eating cultures(Mulder &amp Visser, 2016).Adaptive manners in healthy at different environments and theselective nutritional options for maintaining well healthy. Inaddition, the topic will enable learners to be in opposition toaddress major fundamental nutritional issues and the evaluation ofnutritional claim and how the human body needs a healthy diet.

The topic also gives an opportunity to learners to know thetype of food that can prevent diseases caused by nutrition. Finally,the question will guide students to have healthy eating behavior toprovide favorable working conditions of the major body organs as wellas to be opposition to handle eating disorder and common issues ofunhealthy consequences. The students will also gain knowledge of howto identify the biological pathway and the tasks of ordinary bodynutrients. Students will be in the vital position to educate thesociety on the right choice of food, and the community is eatingpatterns. However, this course is paramount to the individual studentlife. The topic will enable students to develop healthy eatinghabits, during the official during regular days. The course willenhance learners to choose food of high nutritional content to youngpeople that prevent multi-nutritional diseases, which is instigatedby lack certain nutrients in the body.

Responseto Question 2 Assignment #1

Everyliving organism undergoes growth, which is boosted by nutritionalvalue of food. Human beings undergo growth like any other organism,the body of people comprises of cells that facilitate growth anddevelopment. Food is paramount to every step in the development ofhuman body. The body of human being undergoes growth by theactivation of cells due uptake of food nutrients. The act of food tothe body cannot be avoided since it is the primary source of growth.

Duringdifferent stages of life, human beings frequently develop an eatinghabit of food, which will be adopted by the body system of nutrition.Similarly, different food diet brings up the human body at differentdimensions that generate growth and develops preventive mechanismfrom the disease. Therefore, diet and human being have a mutualrelationship whereby a person cannot live without food. However, anindividual can choose food of choice from the available variety.

Responseto Question 3 Assignment #1

Asa newborn, there must be a mutual relationship of food and theinfant. Food has many deterrent factors of human growth anddevelopment since food nutrients enable nourishment of body organs.To start with, the human brain has different layers, which developedat various stages. The newborn therefore must associate with food,which is compatible with the brain development. There must be aparticular procedure for the entire body in the form of thenutritional value of food. The newborns are prone to many dangerousdiseases, which might hinder the development of vital organs. Thenewborns, therefore, should have a selecting procedure on the type offood to take. There must be a certain proportion, which does notexceed certain quantity and quality of food content. Thus, this willhelp young born to develop all the required body structures withoutthe nutritional disorder.

Theabove advice, which is vital, is eating food, which adds value to thehealthy. Food that has used by the body from the initial developmentstage since the body nutritional system have adapted to. This willnot lead to genetic disorder and other common nutritional disease,which are caused by the consumption of food, which is not recognizedby the body.

Thisknowledge enables one to choice food, which has a small effect on thebody. The skills enable learners to have a right selection of foodand develop a healthy eating habit. One must therefore, avoid takingtoo much sugary food that generates tooth decay. The Family HealthyTree of teeth decay has given an upper hand to the choice of foodnutritional value and the eating culture of the family to have aright direction, which will prevent any further teeth decay to any ofthe family member. The learning of the behavioral nutrition,therefore, have an appositive impact on an individual, family and thecommunity as a whole and the issue of particular food choice andproper proportion to give young people. Rather than this decay, thesociety might also experience other nutritional diseases such asheart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer, anddiabetes.

Responseto Question One Assignment#2

Thearticle states how emotional reactions affect negatively oncebehavior. Its entails majorly of the four issues punishment,morality, emotion, ultimate game and the empathy courses one tooverreact and can easily lead to destructions and also motivatesmoral and social judgments of an individual. The article similarlystarts how the neurotransmitter serotonin openly changes behavioraland the moral judgments of a person, which have an adverse impact onothers.

Thefindings of the article are valid. This is because the scientificresearchers regularly measure the effect of drug abuse on behavioraland moral of an individual. In the enhancement of the serotonin, itenables the judgment oversights as an outlawed issue.

Thepaper also outlines how behavioral and emotional harm can be asubject matter in the ultimate game in which the injury is avoidable,though it might be prejudiced due to citalopram. Furthermore, thearticle highlights the consequences of the citalopram, which is afactor of the function of the trait responsiveness.

Folkswith high in peculiarity empathy always exhibited a more reliablepossession of citalopram on their ethical verdict and behaviorcompared to the individuals who have low in trait identification.Therefore, these findings deliver a unique evidence which shows thatserotonin might encourage prosaically conduct by ornamental harmloathing, which is a pro- social sentimentality that unswervinglytouches both moral decree and ethical behavior of the individual. Thepunishment and morality of individual cultivatethe possession of citalopram on the moral and cultural growthand development of human being.

Thisarticle has a strong relation to this week’s readings, whichhighlights human behaviors, and individual ethical issues thatinfluence their conducts and morals. The article and this week`sreadings surround on similar human issues, which arepunishment, morality, emotion, ultimatum game, and the empathy. Thefinding in the article articulates emotional and behavioral cultureof an individual that is directly related to the entire reading andoutlines of the course.

Responseto Question 2 Assignment#2

No.this is because there is an insufficient resource that facilitates meto have all the requirements of well-balanced diet as per theguidance of the study. Therefore, there a reason why one did notenjoy the requirements as per what learning of behavioral nutritionentails. The guide was to have a well-balanced diet, which willfacilitate a uniform growth of the body organs. During breakfast,there must be food from more than five groups. However, the foodshould not have excess fat, sugar, and salt. The major area toimprove is making body have enough water content by drinking maximumrequired water per day. In addition, fruits mist is compulsory incombination with the every meal of the day. Fruits add nutritionalvalue to the body and the development of organs. Fruits are thesource of vitamins, which enable a proper body function.

Responseto Question 3 Assignment#2

Themood of an individual depends on the choice of food one chooses toeat. There is a strong relationship between food selection andattitude of a person. However, food taken depends on time scheduled,the combination and composition of food regarding micronutrients,thus this also depends on age and gender of an individual. Food fullof vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and mineral salts is advised tobe taken by an individual a small portion from each of the above tocultivate a recommended personal mood.

Thefirst day, a person took a variety of food during breakfast meal. Thefood was taken proportionally from the major food types namelyvitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and mineral salts. The breakfastcomprises of fortified whole grain cereals with low content of fat,fresh milk, blueberries, banana almond, even smoother, bulk wheatpancakes, and beans. This record was kept up to third day. Thisbreakfast activates the mood positively with a lot of happiness sinceit has a combination of all types of nutrients. Since an individualis happy other organs of the body such as brains, which activates andcoordinates activities of the organization remains active because ofthe balanced diet.

Thesecond day, an individual took less of vitamins and more proteins andcarbohydrates in the following proportion a person took salads,spinach, shitake salads, warm quinoa, full fat yogurt applied withhoney, granular, soymilk, egg yolks, eggs, seafood, and poultry. Atthis particular time, the mood was less happiness since the varietyof food was majorly proteins.

Finally,the third day, breakfast comprised of oranges, oats, peas, Brussels,sprouts, lentils, broccoli, dark leafy greens, wild seaweed salads,beef, citrus, avocado salads, chocolate, and beans. The mood at thisparticular time is average less of happiness and depression becausethe meal comprises of a mixture of proteins, vitamin B-12, and fiber.

Theresults of the above mini experiment have a direct relationship onthe readings of the week since food is taken by an individualactivates the mood due to food content and micronutrients compositionof the food.

Responseto Question 4 Assignment#2

Thefive types of food picked from the refrigerator in differentproportion were milk, maize flour, beef, banana, and chocolate asgiven below in the proportion and sizes.

Type of food

Nutritional value




¼ liter

Maize floor


50 grams



250 grams



5 pieces



½ liter

Thefood portion in the refrigerator surprises me since their proportionand sizes are different about the daily consumption. This is becausethe daily use of some kinds of food such as banana, beef, and milkhad been consumed in great quantity, which does not add value to thebody. However, chocolate and maize floor will be taken in a correctproportion as per the sizes of the levels in the refrigerator. Theshare of volumes of the daily consumption varies and its nutritionalvalue have an adverse impact on the body since the body require theequal nutritional content of food for the conducive condition for theproper working of body organs.

Responseto Question One Assignment#3

Yes.When an individual under cause stress and at the same time takes infood into the digestion system, there is experience an immensenegative impact. There are numerous results due to these effects.Eating overstress enables one to overeat hence can lead to obesity,which is dangerous to human health. Similarly, eating under stress isdangerous since activating one to take too much of sugar and fat.This particular kind of food is the dagger to the human body. It canautomatically lead to hypertension, cancer, and diabetes. Inaddition, stress causes one to lose appetite to food, which caneasily cause loss of weight. Eating under stress frustrates humanbody. The body becomes tired, and one can take in a lot of food. Thebody develops distress that causes anxiety to the body.

Eatingunder stress, changes overall body functions regarding food uptakeinto the digestive system. There will be slow digestion since bodyhormones trigger process of food breakdown. People with stress loss alot of weight, and drinks a lot of alcohol.

Responseto Question 2 Assignment#3

Whenan individual has stress, the preference of taking food also changesat large. The physical and emotional stress increases the level ofwhich persons takes in the food of high content in fats and sugar. Inaddition, high insulin level in the body also activated due to thestress. The human body typically demands what to be taken in aboutthe physical and emotional environment in which one operating.emotional state enhances one to make too much food full of sugar andfats since body hormones had been activated for by the stress.


Responseto Scenario 1:

Lolaeating behaviors have adopted one kind of food, which is commonlyconsumed every day. By introducing her to new food, the child did notdevelop an appetite for it. As a parent, one should therefore not hermore than one type of food at same time. Lalo should be therefore,served with beets on her plate without including mashed potatoes andchicken. Lalo will therefore, force to eat beets as expected by theparents. Lalo should be given an appetizer prior being given beets.The appetizer will stimulate Lalo for taking beets despite making itfor the first time.

Responseto Scenario 2:

Asa parent, the kids should take what they are used to consume at home.A parent should guide them to take a comparable quality of foodaccording to their age and their body structures to avoid obesity,which is a bad eating habit to the human being. What these twochildren have served with and remain will not add any value to theirhealthy even if one forces them to consume all. As a reasonableparent must teach them on the matters of responsible eating habit sothat they will not repeat the same mistake next visit. The nextvisit, therefore, will be the duty of the parent to make sure thatwhat the kids are being served must be consumed to completion ratherthan leaving other portions of meals becoming waste.

Howdo these scenarios relate to your readings this week?

Theexisting living environment activates human behaviors. A persondevelops healthy eating habits when they are still young since thisis a slowly developed process in the culture. Therefore, the learningactivities in comparison to the eating behavior enable to natureyoung people to develop excellent food habits when they are stillkids. The gradual slow in development of human behavior depends onthe environment set up and eating habits in which young people growup and associate with each other.


Responseto Scenario 1:

No.One must develop healthy eating characters according to thesituations surrounded by the environment. Since there is small,quantity of milk at that moment, a person should take a short ratioaccording to the number of individuals who are available to share theavailable milk. Home habits one should leave at home when visiting anew place so that upholding the eating digit of the maturity. Take anequal volume of milk as it has been announced by the attendance.

Responseto Scenario 2

No.The party remains a party one should not carry their eating habit tothe party room. Take little peanuts because is arranged for all partymembers, not you alone. Eat only peanuts on the table in your room.Do not go ahead to next room and take a handful again. This will showyour bad eating habits. Therefore, one must understand that when foodis brought before a crowd of people must be subdivided equally, nomatter what an individual is used to be taking.

Responseto Scenario 3:

Sincethe roommate loves both strawberries and sweet juicy peaches, theroommate will first approach the kitchen where will meet deliciousberries to eat. This is because the roommate has a habit of goingdirectly to the kitchen whenever coming into the house. However,roommate loves strawberries more than the juicy

Responseto Scenario 4:

No.One should eat responsively not forcing to finish all food. Thismight develop into obesity, which is a threat to human health.When food is being served, does not mean it must consume tocompletion. It will be vital to eat proportionally to the ratio one`sstomach to avoid unhealthy issues to one`s body.

Howportion presented to us, impact how we eat?

The food is prearranged in the ratio reasonable changes diet to anindividual. When a large volume of food if given, one tends toconsume maximum till gets full. However, this also depends on majorlyon nature and the environment in which one have been brought up.However, proportion presented acts as a limit to one not to exceedwhen taking food.


Mulder,E. J. H., &amp Visser, G. H. A. (2016). FetalBehavior: Clinical and Experimental Research in the Human.Switzerland: Springer International Publishing