Learning Online



Learningonline involves the use of internet and online technologies to teachand deliver courses. It also involves communicating with theinstructor and other students in a cyber environment as opposed toface-to-face interaction for regular classes. Learning online enablesone to improve their technological skills it allows students to workand learn anytime and anywhere and there is continual communicationand discussion.

Forone to be a successful online learner, one needs to possess certainskills. These skills include proper time management, planning,studying and effective use of technology. One of the skills that havebeen useful to me in my online learning is proper time management.This refers to the process of setting goals, prioritizing thosegoals, and deciding how much time to allocate a specific task(Salmon,2013). One needs to create a plan for study time by setting aspecific block of time each day for each class and stick to them.Being updated on the proceedings of the classes comes also in handyas one gets information on the discussions, notes, and exam times.This requires one to be always connected to the internet. Accordingto Burns(2014), to maximize time, one needs also to look into the future ofthe course. Get to know what to expect later in the course andprepare for it in advance. Do not just prepare for the next class.

Thesetime management tips have enabled me save time and maximize mystudying time. The time that I would have used to commute to school Inow use it to study. I am always updated on every class discussion asI can access the internet on my tablet even when am traveling. Rarelydo I miss something that has been posted.

However,I have not yet tried the open-mind strategy, yet it would bebeneficial to my strength and weakness. Having an open mind is keywhen studying as it will allow me to embrace the differences, reachout to instructors and my fellow classmates in areas that I do notunderstand. With an open mind, I can participate in discussions andask questions freely (Roper,2007).


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