Legal and Ethical Issues in Security Management


Legal and EthicalIssues in Security Management

Over the recent past, the private security sector has been growingat an inexorable rate. According to a study conducted by the AmericanSociety for Industrial Security (2016), the sector isworth approximately $350 billion. One of the major factors for therapid growth of the industry is the issue of terrorism, especiallyafter the 9/11 incidence attack which came as a wake-up call to manyorganizations that they needed to enhance their crime preventionstrategies (Strom,2012). Consequently, private detectives andinvestigators are in great demand to conduct background checks fororganizations seeking to hire recruits. Additionally, some of theroles that were traditionally a reserve of the police are now beingperformed by the private security specialists following severallegislation enactments. Besides, the cost-effective nature of privateguards services has contributed to the growth of the industry. Onecan hire a private guard at $29 a day while hiring an off-duty policeofficer will cost a person $37(Strom, 2012). Businesses are looking forward tocutting their expenditures hence, saving on security is encouragingmore and more organizations to seek the services of private guards.

One of the factors that I think will provide impetus to the growth ofthe private security industry in the next ten years is the recentdecline in the Federal and State funding for law enforcementagencies. According to Picket(2015), the Federal funding for law enforcement agencies has droppedby approximately 43% since 2013. Besides, within thenext ten years, the economy is set to recover which means thatbusinesses will make more money hence they will be willing to spendmore on security. Additionally, there are many emergingsecurity-related technologies which will require professionals tooperate, and this will act as an impetus for the growth of theprivate security industry in the next ten years.

First Security Services Inc is a company that operates in theNorthern California area. One of the factors for the success of thecompany is that it conducts an extensive background check on all itspotential employees. This means that the company experiencesrelatively few cases of security guard misconduct. Additionally, themajority of the individuals working in the company are professionals.For example, the ex-military personnel are given the priority duringthe hiring process. The success of the company can also beattributed to the relatively high remuneration package it offers toits workers, which have enabled it to build a motivated workforce.The fourth reason for the success of the company is because it is theonly industry-quality certified provider in the entire state. Hence,its high certification means that more organizations and individualscan trust it to deliver professional services.

If I were to start a private security company, its mission would beto surpass our customer`s safety-related needs by providingcustomized and high-quality private security services. The company’svalues would be integrity, trust, and, competence.

The first reason for the success of the G4S Securicor is because itoffers a wide array of services. According toGosling, et al., (2011), some of the services providedby the G4S include control access, cash collections, search andscreening, and risk managements, among others. Besides, the companyis very professional in the way it approaches security matters. Forexample, its strategy for protecting the 2012 Olympic Gamesdemonstrates the stringent measures it took to ensure the safety ofall in attendance. For example, everybody entering the event wassubjected to a fairly stringent process of screening and searching.Besides, the company engages in widespread corporate socialresponsibility, particularly on the issue of talent development. Agood example of the company’s SCR is the G4S teen programme(Gosling, et al., 2011).

In conclusion, the private security industry has been growing rapidlyfor the last few years, especially following the 9/11 terroristattack. In the next ten years, the industry is likely to receive aboost from the recent trend where Federal and State governments havesignificantly reduced their funding for law enforcement agencies.


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