Marriage,Human Sexuality, and the Family in Christian Thought

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Changes in the modern society have had a significant impact on theviews of Christianity regarding the topics of marriage, humansexuality, and family. In the past, Christianity took a conservativeapproach to these issues, but this has changed. This fact isevidenced by high divorce rates and a liberal approach to both humansexuality and family. The research proposal will highlight the thesisstatement followed by a review of available works of literature. Itwill then outline some of the methods it will use to prove thethesis.


The secular society has had a major effect on Christianity`s view ofmarriage, human sexuality,and family.


Religion will often interact with its surroundings making the Churchchange depending on its context.1The views of marriage, for example, have changed over the recentpast. The fathers of Christianity defended the institution ofmarriage and believed that it was a necessary part of a religiousperson.2Paul, a principal founder the church, asserts that marriage is anoble cause, but chastity is better (I Cor 7:25-27, ESV).3Asceticism thus became a trend where Christians became chaste toserve God. Recent trends reveal Christianity`s view of marriage haschanged significantly due to the rise of divorce cases that arefrowned upon in the Bible4.The views on marriage havehad various transformations from thepre-modern history to the modern society.

Augustine’s doctrine on original sin posits that everyone was bornwith an innate desire to sin and disobey God.5Gays do not see their acts as sin but as a choice that they took oras a natural desire from birth. Their adoption of children continuesto gain traction in the modern society as they believe they havesimilar rights concerning children. Christianity, however, continuesto speak out against gay marriage and adoption as it goes against thescriptures and long-held traditions.6Christianity thoughts on human thoughts which previously took aconservative view has been influenced by a secularized state.

Furthermore, it will change family values while downplaying the roleof procreation in a union.7The Bible also has a strong communal sense of family as opposed tothe individualized nature of modern society.8Themodern society has failed to uphold the traditional views on family,with secularization being one reason.


The study will seek the various views and opinions that differentpeople hold on the matter. This will be done through interviews withreligious leaders and questionnaires to Christians on some of theirthoughts on the matter. Past literature will also be critical inassessing change in society.


Christianity has long held a traditional approach to marriage,family, and human sexuality. Secularism has had a significant impacton these views where religion is no longer intertwined with the dayto day activities of modern life.


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