life changing moments


Inlife, some events, experiences or people mean a lot to us thanothers. These items define the kind of person we become.Additionally, during this time, important things happen, and our lifechanges completely. First of such experience was when I graduatedfrom high school. I had just made the first significant achievementin my life. I felt more acceptable to the society, I was now a grownup, with more expectations in life. I did not know what to expect,but I was optimistic that all would be okay, regardless of thesituation I was very ready to face any challenge that came my way.

Secondly,another moment that changed my life was working at the phone store.This was my first experience of a job and responsibility. This jobgave me an opportunity to socialize with very many people and throughthis I learned new things (Jones &amp McAdams, 2013). I was onlyused to my fellow kids at school and my family I didn’t know howit felt not to have any parents watching your back. I felt like I hadcontrol over my life for the first time. My work mates were the mostamazing people in my life for this moment.

Thirdly,going back to school after two years. I had no idea of what major Iwanted when I was back in high school. Even though I was a topstudent who acquired an honor enrollment, I was too careless in mylast year. I stopped focusing on my education and diverted myattention to less important things. Conclusively, I can say that lifeis a journey, with up and downs, sometimes one is the winner, othersthey are the loser. Sometimes we make mistakes that haunt us for therest of our life. However, I have managed to learn from my mistakesand became a new persons.


Jones,B. K., &amp McAdams, D. P. (2013). Becoming generative: Socializinginfluences recalled in life stories in late midlife.&nbspJournalof Adult Development,&nbsp20(3),158-172.