Lil Wayne


When was asked about the musicians that he listens to, he statedthat he only listens to himself every single time. This fact waswritten by David Ramsey who used that statement in his article “IWill Forever Remain Faithful: How Helped Me Survive MyFirst Year Teaching in New Orleans.” According to the author, thefascination that the students in his school had for helpedhim make it through the first year of teaching in New Orleans. Thewriter states that through his understanding of the hip hop cultureand how the youth related to it especially when it came to the artist, helped him create a sort of rapport with the students. Thethesis statement is that the ideas that David Ramsey spoke areinformative and relevant. His arguments are very convincing and arethe reason as to why he succeeded in passing on the intended message.The author has some legitimate evidence that supports his notions.The theme of the article is crucial since it informs other educatorsthat for them to get through to their pupils, they must empathizewith their cultural practices. The text has a powerful topic since itaccomplishes the intended impact.

Throughthe article, the author clearly shows the influence that theentertainment industry has on the younger generation. The writer’smain theme tackles the obsession that children have with musicalstars. When it comes to hip-hop, the kids from the African Americancommunity are the most fascinated by such artists. is anicon to the majority of the young people in New Orleans. Consideringthat the town was where the musician was born and raised, the youthlook up to him as a source of inspiration. These young people go astep further and include their everyday activities into some aspectsof ’s music. The situation then creates a basis whereevery person is judged grounded on their understanding of the artistand his music. Thus, for a stranger to be included into the group,they should have a sound idea about , and they should alsobe well versed with most of his famous songs. Ramsey states that theculture has some merits and demerits. On page 945, Ramsey tells thereaders that the style employs in his music is notuncommon. In fact, the technique has been rampant for many rappersthat came before him. The statement shows that the culture is notthat unique since previous generations had the same fixation.

Fromhis friends’ opinions, Ramsey thought that he had to be true in thesense that he should maintain his principles and beliefs. He went forthe job with a mindset that the work will be tough. He had theconclusion that being a teacher was a difficult assignment, and heshould do all that was possible to ensure he succeeds in that work.The assumption made him associate himself with the students’culture that led to his final deduction of the effect of onthe youth and education. Although the entire experience wasfrustrating, Ramsey found out that it had taught him a lot. From hisinvolvement with Michel and Darius, his students, he was able torealize how much an influence he could be in changing a person’slife.

Accordingto Ramsey, the knowledge gained from listening to ’s musichelped him understand most of the message that the rapper was passingacross. Ramsey noted that the musician was focused on educating theyouth about drugs and how they ought to stay away from them. He alsovoiced that even though the message was coherent, the language thatthe artist used was too obscene for such a young generation. Theweakness of the text appears in this section since the author usesthe same words to describe his experience. In addition to thisfinding, is a well-known drug user. Therefore, even thoughRamsey purported that the rapper’s intention was to sway the youthaway from drugs, the fact is that the rapper promoted habitual druguse and a reckless lifestyle that the society did not condone. Theartist was notorious for stating something yet frequently goingagainst those same findings especially when intoxicated onmedications.

Theultimate point the author tries to affirm is that the Children of NewOrleans are infatuated with . The scenario is so dire thatanyone who does not associate with the rapper is deemed an outsider.It is logical that Ramsey chose to get involved with the culture sothat he could relate to his students. If he never made that choice,he could have never been able to get through those students. Thus, itwas a wise move that ensured his educational methods were valid.


Eventhough the text portrays a modern means that a teacher can reach outto the pupils, the language that the author utilized was too foul.The text exemplifies good morals though it employs uncouth semantics.The article can thus be ruled out as too obscene and not fit forchildren. Most parents can also find the words used as too vulgar.Therefore, even though Ramsey had to depict the experience he wentthrough as a new teacher in a predominantly black community, heshould have selected the acceptable language that would not haveoffended any person.