Literacy Narrative



Myfirst moments of learning how to read and write were when I wasspending time with my aunt as a little girl. She also happened to bemy kindergarten teacher and I would sit next to her on a colorfulfloor mat listening to every word she read from Dr. Seuss`s article.I was shown pictures and later requested to write what I had learntfrom the readings. Though I found difficulties in composing sentencesby then, I improved as I passed through elementary learninginstitutions. Upon spending some time in the middle school, I hadalready learned the grammar rules associated with writing goodarticles. The most vivid of memories regarding writing and readingwas the high school experiences. My teacher was unpredictable inclass. She would burst into songs while teaching. She did this toexplain some complicated units, and it was during those moments thatshe made me understand hyperbole and other writing skills. It was oneof the most important moments in my literacy development because Igot interested in writing research articles. Writingthe essay for the Hillman scholarship was my most significantliteracy experience because the process taught me how to use formalelements such as organization and grammar, how to write with theappropriate language, and how to be direct to the point.


Usingformal elements which I learned while developing my writing skills,attracted the attention of the readers. Organizing my thoughts andensuring a good flow of ideas played a significant role in my attemptto convince the state and university officials. According to Lawrence(2014), such methods are appropriate in gaining attention of yourreader. I first narrated to the officials my personal reasons forwishing to undertake the course. I remember illustrating the mannerin which I had endured emotional disturbance since childhood and theimpact they had on my social abilities, education as well asemotional health. My letters were touching, and I believe this playeda significant role in convincing them. I elaborated how I hadundergone some therapeutic procedures for instance, psychodynamic,behaviorist and cognitive ones with little success. In addition toorganized thoughts, proficiency in English and proper grammar inletters portrays competence in the language and ability tocommunicate. As I followed that procedure in my essay, the agentsought to have gotten convinced that I would address the communitymembers in an effective manner. I had to practice that whileexecuting my nursing duties irrespective of the class of my clients.Otherwise, I would have been perceived as a person who has notstudied in the country and who cannot understand the health problemsof the citizens

Anotheraspect was the use of appropriate language. I applied formal languagewhich is a vital writing expertise in addition to an engaging one.According to Lawrence (2014), portraying insistence and emphasisplays a significant role in convincing your audience. I talked of howI craved to undertake the nursing course to eliminate some of themental disorders affecting people in the society and also haveteamwork in the institution. Giving an example which is also a partof writing skills was essential and led to the success of my article.In my essays, I specified some of the disorders that I wished totackle which included dementia, schizophrenia, and anxiety, whichwere common in this field. In addition to engaging language, formalprocedures of writing essays are essential in attracting theattention of the reader. I followed a formal approach and usedEnglish language to write the letter. It was the official languageand the state officials expected me to address my clients in it.Studying the language has presented me with a psychological and abiologic insight into speech and language development as well asissues associated.

Anotherwriting skill that convinced the state official was being direct.Using brief points is essential in writing a good article accordingto Lawrence, (2014). I portrayed a lot of conciseness in the letterand despite being one page it covered a lot of information. I did notskip any idea that was important regarding health issues in thesociety and my need to study nursing. I learned this technique whiledeveloping my writing skills and individuals who evaluated my essaynoticed my skills in making brief points and probably argued that Iwould also practice the same while addressing people in the communityespecially when allocated limited speech-time. Also another attributethat showed I was direct in addressing issues was using clearstatements and wording. My essays were simple since I applied theusual nursing terminologies. In the case of unclear statements, Iwould give further clarifications. Lawrence (2014), states thatputting keywords as well as ideas at the end of a sentence and at thebeginning shows how competent on individual can be in the field ofwriting. For instance, I would put statements like first aidtraining is vital in this area of nursing, and I have been practicingit despite being outside the field. My intentions were clearly statedin the essay, for instance, I indicated that I would continueassisting people with mental illnesses through research in the fieldof nursing upon gaining a chance. Adding this exploration exercisewould offer someone wider learning experience in the field. I alsoused paragraphs to break down the texts into some logicallyself-contained units. Additionally, the use of images in mypresentations also gave my audience a clear picture of what Iintended to communicate. In my essay, I presented some pictures ofpeople suffering from some of the mental disorders, and this arguablymade the picture clear to the government officials. I also portrayedmy capability in communicating in sign language in case I encounteredclients who cannot communicate verbally or who have an ideologicalimpairment.

Inconclusion, I understood how significant my skills in writing couldbe after crafting an essay that earned me the attention of theuniversity admission officials who recommended me for a governmentscholarship. My proficiency in writing helped me a lot in convincingthe state officials. The key area they were looking at was my abilityto communicate with the society members in a comprehensive manner.Moreover, the officials had to be convinced that I would helperadicate the problem. For the university team, their point was tohave good English and maintain teamwork with the rest of the scholarsin the field. Having good writing skills was a gate-pass to winningmy scholarship.


Lawrence,A. M. (2014). Genresof experience: Three articles on literacy narratives and academicresearch writing. MichiganState University.