Literary Autobiography




LiteraryAutobiography is a collection of all necessary attributes that haveimproved your writing or reading skills. A literacy autobiography isa way of telling a story of how your past experiences have shaped thecurrent living. It involves the capacity to explicit personal ideasin written words. My childhood experience involved spending time withmy mother and reading books and novels. My favorite books were Hanseland Gretel, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. I love the books eventoday because they contained interesting stories. Watching atelevision and movies was also my hobby. I spend most of the time inschool library trying to gain diversified knowledge by readingdifferent books. At school, we learned alphabet, how the letters aresounded, how to create words using letters and construct sentences.

Myparents especially my mother played a great role in ensuring I takeup my task of studying. I advanced and became an excellent reader. Myupbringing in a religious family also played a vital role to myliteracy. In church, I could read scriptural passages some of whichwere very hard. I could only read novels at school and sometimeswatch movies at night reading on a daily basis. I was reading a bookto understand but not for fun. During high school life, I read booksfrom authors such as Author Carlos Cuauhtemoc, Un Grito Desesperadoand La Fuerza de Sheccid (Anderson, 2001).

Unfortunately,the reading of these books contributed to imagined discussions andwriting short book reports. The literacy was gained during theschooling because I did many writings. Our English teacher couldensure that at least everyone has written a short book. I wrote manyimaginative works and poem books. Various teachers especially theEnglish teachers put effort to for my efficient writings. I could notunderstand why teachers did not pay attention to grammar which was aproblem in my writings. I learned grammar through personal effortsand gained experience.

Writingis based on the capability of reading. While in college, I could readbooks from the Author Gabriel Garcia Marque and Cien Anos de Soledad(Anderson, 2001). Myliteracy took a new directionas we would write a paper and present it as a Bachelor degree. Thanksto my teacher as my experience opened my eyes and gained new approachand more interest in reading and writing. Today I am a proficientreader and a great writer. I love reading history and helpingstudents by guiding and revising with them.

Myidentity to become literate was significantly influenced by anattitude of becoming an efficient reader and a writer. My parents,brothers, and everyone who contributed to my social life helped inachieving my dreams. In conclusion, parents and other students’sponsors should learn how to inspire students. I would encourage allparents to enroll their children in school for better future. Manypeople achieve their dreams through education. In school, pupils andstudents learn how to socially, spiritually and economicallyresponsible. Learned people are presentable and have good behaviors,unlike some illiterate people who are arrogant and not presentable. Astudent who finishes school having known how to read and writebecomes more competitive than others in future. The aim of educationis to know how to read and write. The interests in reading are theone that complemented my writings.


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