Literature Review on Corporate Communication

LiteratureReview on Corporate Communication

Thispaper is a presentation of the literature review which analyses theinfluences of organizational, marketing, and managerial statement oncorporate communication. The paper presents Corporate Communicationas an essential subdivision of an organization, and then places itwithin the faculty of communication studies. Furthermore, theliterature review narrows the concept of Internal CorporateCommunication, evaluates its strategies, and recent research on thesame topic. Additionally, this paper illustrates how organizationalperformance is influenced by corporate communication management. Thepaper also explores the role of business leadership, in regulatingthe relationship amid organizational performance and corporatecommunication. Three categories of elements namely, organizational,marketing, and management communication are gathered from theliterature (Balmer &amp Illia, 2012). Indirect and directconsequences through appropriate mediators are acknowledged, andfuture research guidelines are also presented.

Thecorpus of effects and determinants of Corporate CommunicationManagement can be developed by corporate communication experts, totarget stakeholders and segment. The paper concludes by underliningsimilar gaps in the literature on Internal Corporate Communicationthat could be explored by scholars in the discipline. The mainapplication of this article is the acknowledgment of the marginalrole corporate communication is allotted in many corporations, andalso the absence of distinction in academic journals, particularly inthe developing countries. It is not unusual to find most HumanResource Management, Advertising, and Marketing books with sectionson corporate communication. Hence, the prerequisite for literaturereview as a step towards regaining the place of CorporateCommunication not only as a dire feature of organizational success,commendable for its credit as a different department, but also, as ascholarly focus worth publications on its strategies and tenets(Caricato, 2006).


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