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Ihave a keen interest in the food industry, and this majorly focuseson the provision of healthy victuals that contain high potential,thus being of great benefit to people. Notably, this enthusiasm hasdeveloped from the general observation of the market as well as theproblems that individuals undergo, even as they struggle with theharmful effects of unhealthy foods such as obesity and other chronichealth issues such as high blood pressure. The two organizations ofinterest are, therefore, the Whole Foods Market and The NationalAlliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA). Although these twoentities apply varying approaches, they have some semblance since,both assist in enhancing consumption of healthy food among people.

Particularly,Whole Foods Markets is a profit-oriented retail company that was setup in the year 1980. The company has operations in some parts of theUnited Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. It primarily dealswith the sale of organic foods that have a high value regardingsustaining the health of the body. Outstandingly, the vision of thecorporation centers in making certain that there is a sustainablefuture through the provision of products that do not bear high riskof harm to those who consume them (Shimogawa,2014).In addition, it edged on facilitating people to make worthwhilechoices as it relates to their level of health and actions that willensure their families are well-taken care of. It also focuses onaccountability as it can take actions that have far-reaching adverseconsequences on the individuals who form part of its clientele. Themission of Whole Foods Markets is to set a standard of excellence forother companies that are involved in the provision and sale of foodsin the market.

Mostly,the mission is geared to guarantee that it puts the customers of theproducts provided by the company ahead of its needs to make profits.As such, this technique will contribute to making sure that someelement of customer satisfaction is realized in the long run.Significantly, the goals of the company lie in enabling expansionbeyond its current capacity to reach as many people around the worldas possible. Such a strategy will be crucial, not only in enabling itto enhance profits, but also be of benefit to a lot of people. Theorganizational structure is highly decentralized in that completedepartments are manning the different geographical regions that thecompany has operation in (Shimogawa,2014).All those branches have managers who report directly to theheadquarters and are more involved in the provision of informationthat is crucial in making the activities of the company moreefficient. The organization management also provides the personnelwith a favorable environment to air out some of the views that theyhave as it regards to how the activities of the company could beenhanced through having lots of team-bonding sessions with them.

TheNational Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, on the other hand, isan entity that is concerned with lobbying for the creation ofpolicies that help to promote healthy eating among people. As aresult, such people will be protected from different health problemsthat are associated with unhealthy foods (,2016).The vision of NANA is to see more people take up healthy eating as astandard practice, and its mission lies in ensuring that its gainscredible recognition as a champion for healthy eating. The vision ofthe organization also serves as its goal. The organization is largelycentralized, and most of its activities are run from itsheadquarters. The environment around the working context of theorganization is quite friendly as the management mostly focuses onthe continuous training of personnel to boost their capabilities.


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