Marketing via the Social Media


Science and technological advancement have had positive impacts withregards to the manner in which businesses are run. This providesconsumers with information about products they need. Consequently,consumer are able to make informed purchasing decisions and hencecustomer satisfaction. By definition, social media refers toplatforms that illicit different social reaction via the internet. Anexample is the twitter, which was created to enable people to pass onand share short but yet concise messages with one another. On theother hand, Facebook is a full blown social media that enables peopleto share large information including updates, photos as well asjoining events online. This paper explores the role of social mediain business marketing at the Coca cola Company, which is aimed atincreasing sales as well as improving the brand image of thebusiness.

Coca cola marketing via the Social Media

Evidently, Coca cola is the biggest beverage country in the worldcharacterized by a constant brand image. Social media leads todiscovery and online searches, which enables information to be spreadin relatively fast way. This beverage company has many accounts inthe social media such as face book, piterest, Google plus and twitterthus attracting the attention of its clients (Dhillon,2015). It is estimated that the facebook followers of CocaCola Company are approximately sixty three million. Since the companydoes not have its own shops, it does not push customers to its shopsto buy the products. Additionally, links can be created leading tobuild up of more stories and the discovery of the information searchactivities. Through sharing of information over the social media,small businesses are able to get more customers while retaining theold customers as well (Dhillon,2015).

Since the customers interact with several brands of their productsover the social media, it is important that the business enrich theircontent by embracing a rigid marketing plan in the social media. Infact, the Facebook page of Coca Cola is not updated regularly,sometimes for weeks but still they make increasing sales. The webprovides a very good platform where the purchasing interests ofcustomers can be tapped. In fact, if the marketing on social mediaare adequately practiced, the businesses are likely to attain successto a great deal. Social media marketing mainly deals with sharing ofimages, videos and other content for the purposes of marketing andpaid advertising. This information sharing is intended to attainbranding and communication of about certain products to the clients.This is because they can avoid other advertising methods, which couldbe much more expensive than social media advertising. This enablesCoca cola to run on small and affordable budgets as well as payingthe social marketers.

Before such a marketing plan is initialized, it is important for thebusiness owners to set down the goals for the business. These goalsare able to act as a guide for the social marketing strategies (DeVrieset al., 2012). Then the content is the next crucial thingso that the business is offering the best information which thecustomers are likely to find interesting and convincing. By use ofthe very attractive videos and images, a business can create avariety of content in addition to classical texts and info graphics.The brand image of Coca cola has been projected across several mediaplatforms such that the information remains unwavering. In this case,as each of the marketing platform changes with reference to the voiceand environment, the main identity of the business should remainconstant.

By use of links, the Coca cola Company can access outside articles,followers and devoted customers through its unique onlineinformation. In case other external sources have the informationwhich could be beneficial to the business, then it is better to linkthe by business to such sources (Kim and Ko, 2012). The link tooutside leads to improvement of reliability and trust leading toincrease in other useful links. The Company also tracks down theprogress of their competitors like Pepsi because they act as goodsources of key words in arriving at industrial links. For instance,if the Pepsi Company uses a given form of social marketing and getmore clients, then Coca Cola Company can also adopt similar methodsof marketing but in a different yet a better way. Moreover, bytracking the success of the social media marketing by use of Googleanalytics, the business can evaluate its data on whether it is makingprogress in advertisements.


Generally, at this century, businesses need to adopt social marketingstrategies so that they can reach more customers, make huge sales andget good profits. This is attributed to comes lowered cost of salesand marketing, addition of external links and creation of aneffective brand image.


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