Marriage after 25 or More Years


Marriageafter 25 or More Years

Marriageafter 25 or More Years

WhatCompromises Have They Had To Make Over The Years?

Myinterviewees for this assignment were a couple named Peter andMaureen Baldwin. Peter and Maureen have been married for the past 27years, and they have three children. The pair explained that theycould classify their marriage a success despite some of thechallenges they have had to encounter over time. They elaborated thatthey learned earlier in their lives that compromising on issues was anecessity on their marriage, and they worked hard to achieve asettlement that did not take advantage of either party in the union.For instance, Maureen explained that in their initial years ofmarriage, Peter liked partying with friends, especially duringweekends. After she had shared her concerns with him, they agreed onthe time he can spend with friends and other times with the family.Thus, they compromised on issues touching on their passions,interests, and hobbies to ensure that their marriage survived suchtrying times.

WhatDo They Consider the Major Changes in Their Lives to Have Been?

Thecouple narrated that the births of their three children weresignificant changes in their lives. They had to adjust theirlifestyles to ensure that they had enough time to look after theirchildren. According to Peter, the birth of their eldest child wasparticularly life altering because it taught them the trade ofparenting for the first time. Moreover, starting their restaurantbusiness was also another major change in their lives.

WhatDid You Learn From Interviewing This Couple?

Afterinterviewing them, I learned that communication is the glue thatkeeps a marriage going and together. The couple said that wheneverthey shared a problem, they tackled it easily as compared to when onedecided to handle the challenge alone. Moreover, the partnersenlightened me that poor communication was the biggest problem in amarriage, particularly for spouses that have been married for anextended period. They also taught me that respecting one’s ideasand individuality ensured that every member in the marriage is happyand does not feel undermined or unappreciated. Maintaining intimacywas also another lesson that I acquired from the pair. Therefore,complementing, supporting and enjoying each other’s activities andinterests were the things that keep their marriage going, and what Ilearned from the Baldwin couple.