Marx and Durkheim Discussion

Marxand Durkheim Discussion


Marxand Durkheim Discussion

  1. What you believe to be Marx’s “BIG ideas”?

Accordingto Marx, a capitalist society only associates with privately ownedshops, factories, and offices, which have class differentiationsforming a capitalism production mode. In the Marxism ideology,individuals experience idea manipulation from the bourgeoisie sincethe capitalism system depends on them and they redefine meaning toexploit the proletariat thoroughly. I find the capital system intoday’s society very unfair because as the proletariats continueworking they never climb up the class ladder but the rich continue toaccumulate wealth. For instance, most companies around the worldexploit cheap labor in third world countries making them more richwhile the workers struggle to live everyday. Several movies includingthe hunger games trilogy, a bugs life, and Titanic have the Marxisttheory embedded in them. In these movies, I feel that the rich inthese movies promote a false consciousness among the workers bysubstantiating their status. Due to this, the workers fail to realizethat they are undergoing victimization and exploitation. Due to suchindications, it is apparent that Marxism is very popular in thecurrent society.

  1. What you believe to be Durkheim’s “BIG ideas”?

Durkheimexplains the common mannerisms found within a given society. Heclaims that outside forces influence people’s consciousnessgranting minimal choices regarding behavior. Durkheim determines thatclassification follows hierarchy as a human process product. Ifseparation from the structure occurs, an individual becomesindependent of its moral constraint making them susceptible tosuicide. Additionally, the claims due to the human biological needs,individuals may choose to make communal or independent decisions. Heclaims moral behavior must incorporate a sensitive being’sconsciousness and the pre-established regulation adaptations whenmaking choices. It mainly determines conduct, fixes it, andeliminates personal arbitrariness ensuring society commitment. Due tothis, Durkheim describes cohesion within his modern society due toindividual distinctions. He compared this cohesion to the human bodynaming it organic solidarity, which originates from the distinctionsbetween individuals. Overall, Durkheim’s ideas are functionalwithin a society.