Memo composition


Itwould have been disheartening to me especially if I am in one of thelocations that have been mentioned in the memo. This implies thatmost of the employees whose contract would be terminated are likelyto be from the mentioned locations. For instance, in this paragraph,“We plan that this would result in an estimated reduction…severance benefits,” the writer implies that that the company aimsto reduce the number of workers. The major ethical implicationassociated with this memo is related to the production of the companybefore the actions in the note are implemented. Once the workers readthe letter, the input will decrease especially if the doubt thattheir jobs will be terminated.

Thecomposition of this letter was done with high professionalism becauseof the arrangement of the data in the memo. Typically, the employeesare congratulated for their excellent work but at the same time, thecompany has to cop up with the current competition. Therefore, theyhave to take the measures that they have mentioned so that the firmcan continue to produce high-quality products that suit theconsumers’ needs. If I were one of the advisors, I would recommendthat the aspect of the reduction of the number of workers to beremoved. Instead, it would be replaced with something softer to theemployee like emergency transfers to the ‘strongholds’ of thecompany.

Ihave to comment that the memo is written under a technicalcircumstance when the company is in a position to make a hurrieddecision about its future. As a result, they have to communicate thehard truth of reducing the number of workers in the company. It isevident that there is an appropriate approach to the abstract, body,and conclusion. The memo begins by providing a short introductionabout Microsoft Corporation. After that, the writer builds up byexplaining the role of the company’s and then the current situationof the firm. He then provides a solution to their situation thus theemployees can understand why they are forced to make this decision.