Mental Health Concept and Techniques for OTA Chapter 3

MentalHealth Concept and Techniques for OTA Chapter 3

MentalHealth Concept and Techniques for OTA Chapter 3

Thisassignment utilizes the concepts of Occupation Therapy Assistant(OTA) as discussed in chapter three to answer several class worktasks as detailed below:

Wordsand Phrases Identified

Wordsidentified within the Chapter include defense mechanism, extinction,psychological development, and neuroscientific theories defensemechanism defines the involuntary action utilized by an organism toevade any potential danger. Extinction relates to the preventiveprocess meant to stop the occurrence of undesirable events whileneuroscientific theories are ideologies regarding anatomical andchemical normalcy of the brain. Finally, psychological developmentrefers to the mental growth process meant to strengthen one’scognition and other mental states like handling stress and depression(Uzych, 2008).

ChapterMessage Summary

Thischapter provides a succinct description terms related to mentalhealth, hence beneficial to practicing psychology doctors andstudents alike it enriches students with medical language forutilization as professionals, they would be able to describe mentalhealth situations and scenarios.

Ideasthat Provide Profitable Discussion and Related Questions

Onesuch idea generated from the chapter is where the words shall beapplied, hence the question, what area would be most appropriate forthe use of these terms in psychology? The words can be useful duringlectures and training and mental health sessions. Besides, anotheridea would be how to make such vocabularies relevant to the targetaudience then a question such as ‘what approach should a mentalhealth expert adopt to make relevant references to the words?’ Itwould be imperative to know you target group beforehand so that youdon’t bore them unnecessarily with the medical terminologies,explain what is meant whenever each terminology is used to keep theaudience active.


Uzych,L. (2008). Assessments in Occupational Therapy Mental Health: AnIntegrative Approach, edited by Barbara J. Hemphill-Pearson:Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Incorporated, 2008, 499 pages, hardcover,$55.95.