Oneof the attributes that have been associated with Allah the Almightyis mercy. Through the mercy of Allah, believers are rewarded for theshow of patience. Although sometimes faithful go against the will ofAllah, He depicts His mercy through forgiving them afterward (Sharma,2011). The mercifulness of Allah cannot be ignored by the Muslimbelievers since He conceals the faults and sins of the believersbecause of this aspect. To show the fullness of mercy in Allah, oneHis names is the Most Merciful. Indeed, He created mercy constitutingof one hundred parts, but only sent one piece amongst mankind,implying that He kept ninety-nine parts (Sharma, 2011). This showshis vastness in the element. Because God is merciful, I believe inmercy. In this report, I will provide an example to show how God hasextended His mercy to me.

Experiencingthe mercy of God is one of the best feelings that a Muslim woulddesire having since it helps people recognize how close Allah is tothem. Personally, I have experienced the emotion. I have been acommitted Muslim believer since I was in the sixth grade, but I usedto hear the concept of mercy being regularly mentioned by fellowMuslims, as well as religion teachers. However, I had not encounteredthe experience until I went against the Islamic law. I bear it inmind like it was yesterday, when out of curiosity, I decided to leavehome and go to stay at a friend’s house in order to evaluatewhether my parents loved me. I used to doubt the love of my parentssince sometimes they left me to look after the youngest brother, andwent out with the second-born in the family. What I did not know wasthat they loved me just as any other kid and wanted me to learn howto grow up as a brother’s keeper.

WhenI went to stay with the friend’s family, the members of thehousehold hated me because they saw me as a burden, but the irony isthat they could not tell me since they wanted me to suffer and hitback. I remember one day when the friend told me that my parents didnot love me because I had stayed in their home for two weeks, and theparents had not bothered about my whereabouts. I felt bitter at thatmoment, and I decided to seek a solution from the ally. The friendcame up with the idea of seeking advice from her parents however,when I approached the father, this is what he told me “you uselessthing, have you not discovered the folly in you? If I were you, Icould not be living.” I was not in a position to respond to him,and because of the bitterness, I decided to leave his home and gosomewhere else where I could seek refuge.

Withoutinforming the friend I was leaving, I started a trip to my uncle’splace, where I expected to get the best advice on what to do. Thejourney to my uncle’s place took me four hours. Upon arrival, I didnot meet my uncle who I had anticipated to receive advice from, butinstead, I was received by my aunt who introduced me to a neighbor(Ahmed) who had come to visit them. Although I did not want to sharethe problem that I had, Ahmed was friendly and one could tell it fromhis face and how he talked, a move that made me reveal to him whatwas going on with my life after spending several hours with him.Meeting Ahmed changed everything because he helped me see the bigpicture of why parents loved me more. Indeed, I can say that he washeavenly sent since he accompanied me back to the parents and ensuredthat I understood their love. In him, I saw the mercies of Allahbecause I could have thought of doing evil.


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