Metaethical Positions



Icannot help but concur with the first student’s post when he or shesays that tolerance is a virtue that very few people have.Additionally, he or she goes on ahead to state that it should notunder any circumstance be given up, an agreeable fact. Differentpeople most often than not have different ways of viewing otherpeople’s opinions or moral views. Consequently, there is nostandardized way of laying claim on whether a certain moral view wasright or wrong according to the post. The student puts across asignificant conflict-solving mechanism, where the aggrieved partieschoose to understand that the conflict can be eliminated. However, Itend to think that involving that parties or mediators who will, inturn, try to find a middle ground is the best and plausible way ofsolving any conflict. The student wrote an excellent post, but Ithink it could have been better with much thought put into it.

Thesecond student’s post opens up with a strong post that culturalrelativism has made it clear that moral tends to differ subjectivelyfrom one society to the next, an agreeable fact. Additionally, he orshe claims that moral relativism encompasses a never ending thecharade of objective and subjective standpoints with differingopinions of what is right or wrong. In reading the post, it isbrought to my understanding that the writer brings out the point thatan individual’s perception of what has considerations of beingright or wrong is predominantly dependent on their culturalupbringing. Moreover, the writer supports his or her claims byexplaining on ideologies such as moral Nehisim which purports therebeing no moral laws. The post was well-thought and presented within-depth analysis with relevant supporting literature.