Michelle Michelle

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ProfessorLakesha Moore


3September 2016

ArtCrawl Assignment

Jess Pappert, 5 February 2015

  1. Initial Reaction to the Assignment

TheArt Crawl assignment is important because it enables art students todescribe and analyze various artworks. I reacted positively to theArt Crawl assignment by showing high level of support, interest, andcuriosity. I was impressed by the “Art Crawl” title of theassignment. The title enables the learners to describe and analyzeartworks through diverse approaches. The title enables the studentsto engage in critical thinking based on observation of the artwork.My interest in the project is high and this is the reason why Iformed a discussion team that analyzes and interprets various worksof art.

  1. Artwork Description

JessPappert is the artist who developed the artwork on February 5, 2015.The title of the artwork is not indicated. The artwork shows a sunsetscene. Sunset occurs in the evening. The front part of the image isdark. However, the background has sunlight. The image of the sun andthe bright cloud is shown in the background. The front part of thepicture is covered by darkness and it shows a woman, a rock, and acloud. The woman is holding a flower. The wind is blowing from rightto left as illustrated by the direction of the freely moving hair anddress.

  1. Analysis of the Artwork

Theimage of a woman is represented in art images using hair and femaleclothing such as dress. Additionally, small waist and wide hipsdepict a woman. The height of the rock and the direction of the windillustrate an ocean, sea, or lake environment. In the evening, thewind or breeze moves from the ocean to the land. In our image thebreeze flows from right to left. A high rock at the sea shore isknown as a cliff. The cliff provides a good view of the oceanespecially in the evening.

  1. Artwork Interpretation

Theart has two key interpretations. First, Pappert developed the artworkto demonstrate the beauty of the environment. The sun is the mainsource of energy for living things. The woman represents femininegrace, compassion, and beauty. The flower is a sign of love and italso shows the beauty of nature. The clouds support nature bygenerating rain. Second, the artist aimed at developing love, peace,and romantic mood. The flower that the beautiful woman is holding isa symbol of love, romance, and peace. Peaceful feeling is indicatedby the image because the woman shows a calm posture on top of therock. Her activities are not disrupted because the image does notindicate other people.

  1. Judgment of the Work

Theartwork is effective in attracting the attention of people. Thecontrast demonstrated by the dark front and the light background isenough to generate diverse opinions from the audience and artcritics. The artwork can be useful in addressing environmentalconservation issues for example, usage of clean energy to combat thenegative effects of global warming. Clean energy is affordable and isproduced using solar, wind, and hydro sources. The artwork depictsthe sun, and the water action that produces the sea breeze.

  1. Conclusion

Iam interested in doing another artwork. The Art Crawl assignment hasgiven me important skills, experience and knowledge. Therefore, I amcapable of observing, interpreting, and judging artworks. Members ofthe public should appreciate the effort of artists. Appreciation isbest shown through discussing the meaning of artworks. I haveresolved to improve my knowledge of artwork by visiting two artgalleries every month.